6 Most Impressive Tricks About Cookie Boxes That You'd Never Heard About It

6 Most Impressive Tricks About Cookie Boxes That You'd Never Heard About It

Cookie Boxes

Cookie boxes are regarded to be the most decorative packaging option that is available in the market. These boxes take into consideration multiple aspects that are necessary for making the packages high-class. Foremost is the protection and safety perspective. Since cookies are an edible item, they need multi-dimensional protection. This means that they do not just have to be well-protected from physical pressures but also from environmental factors that can deteriorate the taste of the biscuits. Therefore, the packages are strong and enduring, as well as air-tight. Moreover, these packages are also designed in a manner to make them beautiful and attractive so that they may captivate customers towards them. 

The packaging industry has become so vast and expanded that to decide a design for a packaging unit has become a tough and demanding task. The case in the scenario of cookie boxes is no different. The boxes are very important to the success of the producers and therefore, cannot be ignored at any cost. Moreover, these packages also play a key role in determining the image of the company. Let’s share some of the best and probably unique tips that you can use to make these packages beautiful. 

Don’t stick to conventional shapes 

Any company that does not accommodate the changes that appear with time in the business environment is soon ruled out of the market. Such companies are often considered to be complacent and thus are disliked by the customers. Since the customers are the kings in a modern business world, such displeasure could be detrimental to the long-run success of the company. To avoid such a mishap, cookie producers should be creative and open-minded with their choice of the shape of the box. Bakery products such as biscuits can be packed in creatively shaped boxes. A few examples include star-shaped boxes, heart boxes, as well as pyramid boxes. 

Use contemporary styles 

Innovation and uniqueness should not be limited to the shape only; in fact, it must penetrate to other aspects of packaging, such as the style. Beautiful and state-of-the-art styles must be used for food packaging since they are the primary determinants of the producer's perceived image. The industry is filled with unique and uncanny styles that will be a key weapon for attracting customers. These include sleeve boxes, which are well-known for their dual-protection as well as premium finishing. One more style that is often regarded as high-class is gable boxes. These boxes, which present themselves as bags, are considered suitable for cookies due to multiple reasons. Firstly, the enclosed and well-protected design which makes the storage sustainable and feasible. Secondly, the convenience of transit and carriage. All in all, these styles can be quite useful. 

Adding a window could be beneficial 

Custom boxes with windows are often labeled as the most popular and commonly-seen packaging styles available in the market. Adding windows is not rocket science and is possible on all shapes and styles of packaging. This window, however, has a great impact when placed on cookie packages. Since a great variety of cookies is present in the market, customers may be interested in having a look at the ones that they are buying. Similarly, some cookies may be so beautifully decorated that they would spark the attention of the customer right away. In both cases, windows would play a great role. They allow the customer to satisfy themselves before purchasing, and from the producer’s point of view, they can be useful in attracting customers. 

Choose the best printing 

While custom printed cookie boxes are commonly used around the globe, not much attention is paid to the printing quality. People think that even if they use low-quality printing, the benefit will be achieved. This strategy may prove to be beneficial in the short-run; however, this would have an opposite long-term effect. If the printed material wears out or fades with time, the customers would be compelled to consider the producer as a low-quality one. Consequently, they would think of shifting to competitors. This could be very damaging and may even force the business to shut down after some time. Therefore, high-quality printing may be a bit more expensive and cause immediate profits to decline but would bear fruits in the longer-run. The latest techniques such as inkjet printing should be used, and if possible, special effects such as spot gloss or debossing should be added as they create an exceptional image. 

Do not ignore the material 

Cardboard boxes are often used for the packaging of cookies and other such bakery items; however, it is commonly observed that bakeries doing so do not experience those advantages and benefits that are discussed on multiple platforms. Some bakeries kept finding the flaws and then realized that using the same material for all products may not be feasible. They were able to deduce that higher-quality and more premium cookies must be packed in a box that looks relatively more luxurious. For this particular aspect, the use of rigid boxes can be beneficial. These boxes are known in the packaging industry as the luxury boxes because they hold only the most expensive products. Thus, if these packages are used, the customer’s perception of the cookies can be changed. 

Creative Designs. Better Response 

When it comes to designing custom printed boxes, designers often get confused by the numerous options available. Out of confusion and mismanagement, they show a slant towards those packages that are already being used in the market. Similarly, at times the marketing department avoids such bold steps and tends to go with the flow as it is safer. However, the truth is that if a company takes a daring step and comes up with a unique design, it is likely that they will gain higher success as customers would be attracted to them. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that to design the best box, one must think out of the box! 

At the end of the day, it is the producers who have to decide what box to use for their cookies. These points are not a ruling that must be used, but are rather suggestions and tested tricks that can be helpful for a company that struggles in creating their on-ground presence with custom packaging.

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