Women take a lot of care of their beauty and hygiene; they use different hair treatments, supplements, and even face treatments to stay healthy, young, and beautiful. Skincare has always been the top priority of females, and lately, the skincare products have been quite trending in the market. Women use different face serums like gold elixir serum to keep their skin hydrated, plump, and young to achieve glass skin. 

However, it is seen that women don’t give as much importance to their innerwear as they give to their outerwear. A survey reported that 64 percent of women are using the wrong bra, and this is because they don’t give as much importance to the bra selection as they should. There are different bras brands in Pakistan, in every area in fact, that offer you the best services and even educates you on how to find the right bra for you!

In this blog, we will discuss three bras that every woman should know to make you understand what the different types of bras are, which one is right for you, and how to know you’re using the wrong bra.

Size of the Bra

The bra size is different for every woman, so you should match your bra with your body type. In order to know the right size of the bra, you need to be fully aware of your body type; then only, can you choose the right size for yourself.

Types of Bras

T-Shirt Bras

If you think of a t-shirt bra as a padded one, it is nothing new because almost every woman out there thinks the same way, but they are totally different types of bras. Padded bras are different, and t-shirt ones are made specifically to wear under tank tops and t-shirts, as the name shows. Most women are not comfortable with the idea of wearing t-shirts outside the home because of how their bust looks because of the wrong bra they’re wearing. T-shirts bras are a rescue to those women as they make you comfortable by providing rigidity. You need to wear the right size to accomplish the goal, though.

Strapless Bras

Most women are afraid of wearing strapless bras because of the fear that they might fall down and wear their usual bras with their off-shoulder dresses and end up embarrassing themselves, especially informal settings. There is nothing to be afraid of in wearing a strapless bra; you just need to know your body correctly and the basics of how it all works. However, with strapless bras, you need to go with a size one step smaller than your usual fitting to provide your bust the support it needs for the strapless bra. And one thing that every woman should know is that with the strapless bras, you need to wear the dress with tight waists to give the required support.

Maternity Bras

Your body goes through a lot of anatomical changes during pregnancy, and so do your breasts. An enlargement of the breasts is a common sign in pregnancy when your body is prepping for lactation. Women lack awareness when it comes to maternity clothes, and it is something that every pregnant woman should invest in. not all women know about the maternity bras, which are made specifically to give your bust the support it needs during the time when your body is going through major anatomical changes. Some of the leading innerwear brands have even launched maternity bras that offer full coverage and support during both maternity and nursing. This is like killing two birds with a single shot. 

Maternity and nursing bras are highly expensive as they offer quite a lot of support and coverage to your bust. So, make sure that you choose the right size for yourself by keeping in view your body type and the level of body changes that you are going through. Choosing the wrong size will only bring discomfort to you, not to forget how expensive they are, and you won’t want to waste that much money on something that is of no use to you.

Though you might not be wearing your maternity bra on casual non-pregnancy days, every woman still needs to know about this to overcome the discomfort of the wrong bra during this critical time.


There are several types of bras available, and every bra serves a purpose. The idea of introducing different bras was to ensure coverage and support you need for different occasions and different clothing and to give women the confidence they deserve in life. 

Choosing the right bra for yourself is not a difficult task but serves great importance to how you look in whatever you are wearing. Moreover, every woman should know the basics of the right size and body type. 

Not all women have the same body type, and the differences decide which bra you should be wearing; it is OKAY to try out different bras and sizes until you find the right one!

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