The Best Types Of Rural Fences For Use

The Best Types Of Rural Fences For Use

Rural Areas need fencing and protection more than urban properties because the proportion of open land is higher in such areas. Fences around rural properties not only offer protection from stray animals and trespassing but also establish your ownership. In this article, we discuss the different types of fences used in rural areas. Before proceeding to read this article to the full extent, the reader needs to understand that rural fence posts are different from urban fencing because of differences in structures.

The diversity of rural fences

There are many types of fences that rural residents can choose from if fencing is a concern. Fencing uplifts the look of your property, and the overall decision of fence style should be made after a lot of consideration. The purpose and location of the fence should be deciding factors in the process. We hope the list below will help you make the right choice about the fence you want on your property.

Wood fence

One of the most classic fence types is wood fences. Wood fence is made of wood, obviously. It is one of the most preferred wood fences for rural landscapes. The fence type is not ideal for large scale lands but is best for small size fields that need some kind of demarcation. Wood fences can last for decades if they are maintained properly and painted regularly. These rural fence posts come through from farms and wood mills cut into shape. The wooden rural fence posts can also be used to separate livestock varieties from each other for better management. The wooden fence is sturdy and affordable to use.

Metal T post fences

Among the different types of rural fences, metal T post fences are very popular. Metal T fences are made from metal like aluminium and iron. These fences are easily available in hardware stores and are easy to put up too. These rural fence posts measure somewhere between 4ft. to 8 ft. depending on how high you want them.

These metal posts are reusable and long-lasting, apt for fencing large fields. You only need a T post driver and a sledgehammer in hand to install these posts. The equipment is easily found in hardware stores. However, if you are trying to make dainty, aesthetically beautiful fences, the Metal T fence is not the right one to go for.

Welded wire fences

The welded wire fence is made by welding multiple wires in a vertical and horizontal manner to make square patterns. The size of the fences and welded wires can differ, but they are usually made in 2” and 4” sizes. The fence is strong but not as strong as woven wire fences. The wire fence is great for separating plant fields and keeping small livestock in check. You should not choose this type of fence for bigger animals who can weaken the fence by leaning. However, this type of fence is perfect for chickens and garden fences.

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