5 Types Of Sunglasses You Must Buy In 2022

5 Types Of Sunglasses You Must Buy In 2022

Summer is approaching and so is our need to buy the perfect sunglasses. Your choice for an ideal designer pair should primarily focus on the lenses since you’ll wear them outdoors most of the time. The best lenses for you, however, depend upon your surroundings and the daytime weather.

It’s not just the lens technology that defines the perfection in sunnies. You as a fashion-savvy need to keep the latest trends in check because summer is the ideal time to exhibit your keen sense of style. And what’s better than a nice, trendy pair of sunglasses to display your fashion taste?

But what sort of pairs are in style this summer, because there’s a plethora of them to choose from? Well, worry no more as we list out 5 sunglasses styles that fulfill your craze for modish frames and adorn your personality alike:

1. Oakley Prizm Polarized Sunglasses – All About Quality

Starting off with the best in business for summers, the polarized variants of Oakley Prizm sunglasses.

Oakleys are known for their elegant styles that allow men & women to make an equally fashionable statement; whether it’s the Holbrook or Frogskins. But what takes these beauties to a next level is their “Prizm polarized” lenses.

Now, you might have heard or read a lot about Oakley Prizm shades, but did you know? Oakley also features the polarized version of Prizm lenses, something that makes this brand stand out in terms of lens technology.

The original Prizm shades were designed to adjust the contrast and enhance color acuity. But Oakley took a step further and incorporated polarized technology into their shades. This enabled Oakley Prizm shades to work as the perfect glare-canceling sunnies.

Match these shades up with Holbrook and Frogskins styles for regular use outdoors. The standard, ageless shapes of these frames make an impact straight away, while the high-tech lenses would offer superb clarity of vision.

If you want a rather sporty look from your Oakleys, something the brand is renowned for, go for flak jacket or half jacket frames configured with the Prizm polarized lenses. Stay audacious while picking out an Oakley Prizm style, since they aren’t going anywhere for years to come.

2. The “Blue-Blocker” Sunglasses – Perfect Eye Protectors

Technology is more prevalent than ever. Our dependencies on gadgets are increasing rapidly causing us to remain adhered to the electronic screens. The COVID-19 further amplified this trend via a "work from home" attitude. Restrictions might be easing up all over, but the world seems to be conformed to this attitude, eventually making us even more dependable on electronic gadgets.

Amid the increasing use of smartphones and PCs, you need to remain equally cautious about your eyes. And nothing protects your eyes more than a pair of blue-blocking lenses. These lenses feature unique filters that block the potentially harmful radiations emitting from the electronic screens.

So, regardless of the trends, blue-blocking sunglasses are becoming more of a necessity than a fashion choice.

Furthermore, if you find yourself struggling to focus on the moving objects under hazy or overcast conditions, blue blockers in yellow, orange, red, and grey tints are there to rescue you. These tints are known to offer excellent depth perception and reduce color distortion. Make your blue-blocking pair a companion to the camping trips and witness the world like never before!

In addition to these superb quality benefits, tinted sunglasses are currently in rage. So, be ready to gain maximum attention wearing your tinted shared outdoors.

3. Aviator Sunglasses – The Timeless Classics

If there’s one style that could be deemed timeless, it’d be the aviator style. Introduced back in 1939, the original style still belongs to its inventor Ray-Ban. However, almost all major brands have developed their versions of aviator sunglasses.

For more of a conventional look, opt for the classic, iconic aviators with relatively straighter outer sides and curved inner sides. You can find a never-ending range of these pairs from Ray-Ban. But how about trying something different from the tradition this time around?

The oversized geometric aviators are the most unorthodox, unique pairs catching up fashion freaks’ attention this year. They’re well-suited for you if you’re fun-loving and spirited enough to induce a bit of humor with your looks.

4. All-Black Sunglasses – A Formal, Compact Appearance

Black eyewear, particularly dark sunglasses, might seem a rather usual, standard idea to adorn your style. Yet, the degree of elegance black sunnies carry can’t be discovered in any colorful, glossy pair.

Be it the famous black cat-eye frames of Prada or the black Wayfarers of Ray-Ban, the dark shades come in just about every style, frame, lens, or material. This remarkable diversity stamps their prominence among the fashion-enthusiasts and the result? They never went out of style after all this time.

So, stay fearless in your choice of black sunglasses. But make sure you blend them perfectly into your attire. An all-black outfit with the dark grey-tinted gradient sunglasses would bring out a mysterious, gothic look. While, the standard black frames like Wayfarers, Justin, or Clubmaster can do wonders on your formal attire.

5. Rimless Sunglasses – Minimalist Yet Subtly Fashionable

Do not think anything less of your rimless sunglasses, just because they lack a frame around lenses. Rimless is still very much in fashion, thanks to a humongous amount of people who love restrained and laid-back looks.

Rimless frames, we believe, are the most versatile types of eyewear. And we have so many justifications to offer for that clam:

  • First off, rimless glasses can flatter all faces, irrespective of skin tone, facial features, and shape. They have a calm, composed appearance fusing right into your personality.
  • When choosing rimless frames, you never have to worry about the type, design, and color of the outfit. Their decency allows them to befit all sorts of attires.
  • It’s a myth that rimless frames are limited to just above a couple of shapes. Explore rimless sunglasses online and you will be baffled by the styles featured in rimless frames – from the radical geometric & oversized to the classic rectangular; that too with a subtle touch of moderate colors.
  • Rimless sunglasses are way lightweight and cost-effective as compared to the fancy full-rim & half-rim frames. But it doesn’t mean they are any less sturdy. With a little extra care, you can certainly wear your rimless pairs all day long with the least amount of load over your ears and nose.

These quality benefits contribute to the ever-increasing trend of rimless sunglasses. So, if you’re tired of those thick & bulky frames, go for the minimalist rimless sunglasses and add an ingenious touch of style into your character.

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