Don’t Miss Out On Unique Jose & Maria Barrera Designs

Don’t Miss Out On Unique Jose & Maria Barrera Designs

The history of Jose & Maria Barrera jewelry is an interesting one, to say the least. The family was making jewelry in Texas for quite some time before being catapulted rather unconventionally into the limelight. In short, it all began when a prominent New York actress who was visiting the area around the Barreras noticed one of their pieces of jewelry. She bought the necklace, brought it back to New York, and wore it during a famous photoshoot. That created such a critical demand for Jose & Maria Barrera jewelry that the family moved to New York and began producing their exquisite designs there.

Even though they moved their operation, still today, they produce fine handmade jewelry with the help of their daughters. All of their jewelry is designed and produced by hand in New York City and sits comfortably at the top of the critical echelon directing the acclaim of designer jewelry.

Jose & Maria Barrera designs are among the most highly coveted designs in the modern market for designer jewelry and own up to that kind of impression that the best designers create in their jewelry. Once a designer creates an enduring image that is recognizable by its traits, it has reached a level of estimable success that is hard to attain.

For the designs in question, they are categorized by liberal use of gold plated and semi-precious stones, giving the overall catalog of jewelry the impression of deep cultural inspiration. It’s difficult to give an overarching definition or impression of how the entire catalog presents, so to understand better, it’s easier to look at a single piece of jewelry, or a few, to draw a collective impression.

For example, a piece of their jewelry like their Multi Charm Link Necklace is fairly representative of the type of style that they have striven to create in their jewelry. Not entirely delicate, a necklace like this one almost looks intentionally weighty.

It has a force of presence that some other designs lack. It is also very busy with charms and vibrant with color. It does not rest too heavily on the bright nature of its gold and is fearlessly assertive with the stones and colors of its charms. In addition, this particular necklace is very intricate in detail. Other necklaces might be assembled of smooth links, but this one is ornately and intricately assembled; it appears as ropework of gold.

It’s not the only impression you might draw from a catalog of Jose & Maria Barrera designs, however. Another good representation that gives a somewhat similar impression is their Dragon Spring Hinge Bracelet with Onyx. Heavy, powerful, and assertive, this bracelet does not fail to gain recognition. Gold vermeil, onyx, and Swarovski crystals create the ideal impression of a powerful, mysterious cultural symbol. In it, harmony and beauty dance alongside the force of a pointed impression made in gold and stone.

That is commonplace in a catalog of Jose & Maria Barrera designs, but the catalogs themselves are not. It’s tough to come across designers that have such a comparatively small output and such high levels of global demand, but if you look around, your work will be rewarded. For example, you’ve come across a gem in this article - we’ll send you right to

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