5 Unique Rings To Channel Your Inner Rock Star Babe

5 Unique Rings To Channel Your Inner Rock Star Babe


Is your outfit missing something?

Sometimes you can pick out the perfect outfit, but feel like it's not quite finished. Adding jewelry can complete an outfit while allowing you to show off your personality and creativity!

Rings are the perfect way to complete your outfit because they come in a variety of styles and catch the light beautifully, adding dimension. There may be nothing better to finish your look!

Here are five unique rings for women you'll have a fun time coordinating with your outfits!

1. Stackable Gothic Rings

One of the most unique ring styles for women, stackables allow you to customize your rings to get exactly the look you want! Thin or thick bands, black or silver, the options are endless and your fingers will be full of things you love! Roses, crosses, and spiders are great options, but feel free to get creative with your combinations!

2. Skull Rings

If you want something edgier, skull rings can add a touch of attitude to your look! Small skulls can be a fun surprise when people look closely to examine your jewelry, but a large skull with glowing red eyes can make a good statement piece. In some cases, you can even get matching earrings!

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3. Fiction-Inspired Rings

From video games to books to movies, fiction has been inspiring jewelry for decades! If you're part of a fandom, wearing a ring inspired by your fandom is a great way to show your love of fiction and start conversations with people who also have an appreciation for the community.

4. Moon Rings

To add a little mystery to your look, opt for a moon ring! Crescent moons and stars do a great job of adding some sparkle to your look without being over-the-top. Wearing a sun ring at the same time can keep your jewelry balanced and add to the mystery.

Galaxy rings can capture the look of the night sky while being just as mysterious as the moon! You may even be able to color coordinate with the rest of your outfit.

5. Fantasy Rings

Fantasy rings are often inspired by nature and the elements, so if you prefer something with a little more color, fantasy may be the way to go!

You can still wear fantasy rings and be edgy though! There's nothing cooler than a dragon ring coiling around your finger! Snake rings have a similar effect while being a little more subtle than dragons.

Women's Unique Rings

Rings can pull an outfit together and be a great conversation starter. Now that you know a few of the most unique rings for women, it's time to try out a few! 

Be sure to check back regularly for more popular products that can help you define your style!


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