7 Ideas For Having Vape Boxes To Protect Your Vapes

7 Ideas For Having Vape Boxes To Protect Your Vapes


Vape packaging has gone through various innovative transformations over time. All this has been done to bring out a perfect and smart packing for your vaping products. It is made from the finest quality material. Vape boxes are designed in unlimited styles and sizes to provide maximum protection to different components like vape cartridge, liquid, and the device. Their packs are convenient to use and easy to carry. High-quality printing can give a refined look to your vape cartridge box packaging. Customers love to see and smell their vaping flavors before use. For this, interesting die-cut patterns are introduced to arouse their interest more. Get creative with variations in design, style, and shape of your vape packaging. Experiment with innovative ideas to create a mesmerizing display. All these tactics help you to make your brand stand out from the immense competition industry-wide. But in creating a highly attractive package, the element of protection can never be ignored. It is the foremost thing to be considered by all manufacturers and businesses. Here we are going to highlight the 7 best packaging ideas to protect your vaping products:

Child Resistant Slide Boxes:

Child-resistant packaging is becoming a requirement for almost all cannabis products. It is ideal to be used for vape cartridges, vape oil tanks, vape pens, vaping flavors, and much more. To make child-resistant packaging, a special locking mechanism is introduced in standard vape packaging. The shape and structure may remain the same to protect the product more than before, especially from the kids. A slide box is a two-piece packaging where the box slides out from the cover. As the customer pulls the box out, your vaping product is displayed beautifully creating a WOW feeling. Such packaging aims to deliver superior customer value highlighting your brand in the marketplace. The slider vape cartridge packaging does not only make your products more presentable but proves to be one of the most protective options. Slider boxes are generally used by high-end vape brands to deliver a superior customer experience.

Flip-Top Boxes:

These flip-top boxes are similar to the ones used for packing cigarettes. However, you may find them in various styles and designs to encase your vaping products. These trendy and enticing flip-top boxes are perfect to protect your vapes with efficacy and reliability. No matter whatever size to want to create, the packaging best fits your requirement. Design them by using paperboard of different thickness grades to make them more durable for your vaping products. They carry the items safe during the transition, storage, and on shelves. Their disposable and easy to use nature has made them a preferred choice of various manufacturers. You can also customize them with die-cut patterns, magnetic closures, or attractive logos to set apart from the competition.

Tuck End Boxes:

Tuck end boxes are the most common packaging format used for a variety of products. A well-designed tuck-end box prevents your vaping products from falling out and getting external damage. It's opening and closing flaps help you to access the product easily, therefore imprints a good impression on customers. The tucking edges of a vape cartridge packaging box give a firm look and strongly hold the products inside. You can open the box conveniently as many times as you need and place the products back to ensure maximum protection. It also protects your vapes on shelves from dust, sunlight, and other accidental damage. Expert level skills are required to create custom-designed tuck end boxes satisfying the requirements of dimensions, style, and locking options. Along with the presentation, another major purpose of tuck end boxes is to enhance product protection.

Cardboard Cylindrical Vape Packaging:

As vapes are highly sensitive products, therefore using a cardboard cylindrical cartridge packaging can prove a durable packaging option. Your vape pen or any other vaping device is placed delicately inside in a perfect sized box to allow minimal movement. When the product remains in its place it enhances the level of protection and ensures safe delivery. The thickness of the material can be increased on the requirement. For example, if your products are to be shipped at a large distance, you may use sturdier double/triple-walled cardboard to provide maximum safety.

Rectangular Boxes with Paper Insert:

Inserts have gained much acceptance, especially across the packaging sector. Designing a custom vape cartridge packaging using a build-in paper insert allows minimal or no movement at all. This keeps the product at its place and reduces the chance of any accidental damage. Nowadays, most of the vape boxes come up with inserts. This does not only ensures maximum protection to your vaping products but also makes them more presentable.

Kraft Vape Packaging:

Kraft packaging is ruling the world due to its exceptional properties. It can be used to package almost everything that comes to your mind. When it comes to vape packaging, Kraft material is durable and sturdy enough to provide maximum protection to your delicate products. Its moisture-resistant properties can retain the quality of the product for a long. Moreover, the material is die-cut friendly. You can design the vape boxes in any shape, size, and style of your choice depending upon the products' specifications.

Vape Cartridge Boxes with Window and Hanger:

If you are looking for innovative variations for your vape cartridge packaging, these custom boxes with windows and hanger are an ideal choice. The packaging is dual-functioned. The die-cut window at the front facilitates the customers to have a view of their vaping products. The top hanger makes your product hanged thereby reducing the chance to get fall off retail shelves or hit by a customer mistakenly.


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