Vapor95 Brand: FULL BLOOM HOODIE Review

Vapor95 Brand: FULL BLOOM HOODIE Review

The vaporwave style is often used to givethings retro, vintage, or 80s font feel. This style is particularity popular onSoundCloud. Because of these vaporwave fonts are generated using Unicode, theycan be copy/pasted into Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. With the creation ofthe best variety and highest quality of Vaporwave clothing online, Vapor95 isthe best vaporwave brand and a one of a kind, custom-made shop with items youcan’t find anywhere else. There is plenty of type of clothes with a uniquedesign so that you have much chance to own them at Vapor95. I definitely youcan’t find out and the same design at wherever. At Vapor95, updating fashiontrends is never sleep.

This is a great product, I was skeptical about how good the quality would be at first when browsing through other reviews, but do not let them send you away from this hoodie. I ordered a large, and it fit perfectly, I wanted it to be a little bit bigger than me but not to a point where it was drooping over my things, and I got the perfect fit. It made from 100% Premium Polyester, it is soft, durable, and easy to care for. Each fabric panel of hoodies is printed prior to sewing using a high-definition sublimation technique and fabricated with great attention to detail extremely perfect and lively. Durable Poly-Fleece material is resistant to daily wear while remaining extraordinarily comfortable.

Although the quality of the print to be fantastic, the polyester has 10% cotton as well, but they are a little bit thicker than other brands. Definitely order your size or one size down for coolshirtz though, otherwise it’s like wearing a dress!

After purchasing the hoodie and leaving thereview I was contacted by Vapor95 directly and they mentioned they had aproduction flaw and the hoodies I received was in fast produced in error. Theyended up sending me a hoodie after I returned the one I purchased throughAmazon. The one I received matched the photos and description of my originalorder so I’m updating my review for the simple fact that the company has greatcustomer service and reached out to rectify the issue. Will definitely buy moreVapor95 stuff in the future. If you have issues with your order just reach outto them.

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