Vapor95 Review

Vapor95 Review

I really, really like the design V95’sproduct found on the site. Not long ago I purchased a hoodie from Vapor95,taking advantage of their discount day. It was still a bit pricey, but thequality of their prints are great, and the designs are awesome. I m confidenceto recommend Vapor95 to you guys. Overall, I would consider Vapor95 a topcontender for Vaporwave style clothing. For more details, see the full reviewtext below

Vapor95 has begun from a team of vaporwave and Aesthetic enthusiasts who share a common vision. They express the creative and they sought to fill a void in Vaporwave apparel with high quality, handmade works of art. It cooperates with the most talented designers from around the world and manufactures their clothes in Los Angeles. Their goal is to supply you with the greatest variety and highest quality of Vaporwave clothing on the internet.

T-shirt is made with 100% Premium Polyesterand hand-finished to ensure your graphic is aligned, complete, and totallybrilliant. Machine wash as much as you like our hoodies undergo sublimationprinting that utilizes a special heat-dye application that resists fading andbleeds. This fabric is incredibly strong and durable as well as resistant towrinkles, shrinking, abrasion, and mildew


If you don’t think our hoodies are awesome,we’ll be happy to refund you. Just contact us. We offer a 100% money backguarantee on all purchases. We have hundreds of authentic vibrant designs inshirts, hoodies, tank tops, sweatshirts, leggings, and crop tops. Check em outat

I had never bought from them before andcould not find any review. I first bought the Heaven’s Gate hoodie to test thewaters a bit, I was shocked great print quality of the shirt. Although they arepolyester,  they will be stretchier and abit thinner than cotton. Also, note that this hoodie is suited best forspring/fall weather. They are also a bit thin which makes them good forbetween-season hoodies and good for chilly days, but I would combine a winterjacket with them when temperatures are below 40-45F or so. The hoodies arecotton though. The zippers are plastic, which isn’t a big deal as long as youaren’t tugging them hard or being rough with them. Personally, I have not had azipper fail on me yet. The Distorted Visage hoodie looks quite good, and theHeaven’s Gate hoodie looks awesome. The Lunchbox, Oasis and Aquanaut tees lookgood as well. For the pricing of the shirts, they may seem a bit high but keepin mind that they are made-to-order in America, so you are supporting Americanbusiness and keeping away from bad labor conditions and sweatshops.

To be honest, this was the first time I useVapor95 products and services and just by coincident, good things are easy tofind. I highly recommend you to try Vapor95 products once then you can haveyour own decision to continue or not support them.

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