Ways To Boost IoT Security In Smart Homes

Ways To Boost IoT Security In Smart Homes

IoT security in smart homes


If you have transformed your home into a smart home, you need to understand that its protection should be your key concern now. The internet of things (IoT) is the main idea behind the technology of smart homes and since it is a new concept, its security patches are not always intact. The onus is on the user to maintain and update the security of the smart devices.

Smart homes are extremely vulnerable to security breaches; however, there are ways that the end-user can protect the integrity of his/her smart home. The point is that cybersecurity should always be the principal consideration when you buy any smart device. As such, your first task should be to connect with an internet provider that provides certified protection to its customers. For example, ISPs like Spectrum, Optimum, and Cox offer guaranteed device and network protection ensuring your network is not penetrated from their end – by clicking here, you can find more details about the said internet plans.

Once a secure ISP is on your panel, you still need to secure your IoT network at home. Lucky for you, we have come up with a list of ways you can boost the security of your smart home.

Be aware of what you buy

Buying any sort of technology without knowing its specifications, pros, and cons is the worst thing you can do to yourself. Make it a rule of life: do not invest before understanding the product. Read expert opinions, customer feedback, manufacturer handbooks, and the product’s detailed reviews before purchasing it.

By adopting this practice, you would be able to track down the conceivable security dangers you may confront in the future and you would be aware of the duties of the manufacturer.

Besides, buying devices from renowned brands are always better. Furthermore, always choose devices that are easy to set up and use, offer software updates and feature customization, and allow you to change default passwords.

Know that professional Installation is a better option

We know that handling an installation yourself is such a rewarding experience as changing a tire or baking a bread loaf. However, please understand that some things are better when professionals take over their job, IoT installation is one of them. On the off chance that you try installing these devices yourself, there are probabilities that you might fit them without considering possible security concerns. Due to this, make sure to get a professional to install your IoT devices so that they can handle any complications.

Moreover, if something gets messed up, we recommend that you contact the manufacturer’s help center so they can control the situation professionally.

Stay connected With The Manufacturing Company

As discussed above, IoT is a relatively newer concept and so the manufacturing companies are working endlessly to find solutions to security issues. As such, they keep on rolling out new security updates that can help you secure your smart home devices and so staying in contact with them is a great way to boost your smart home security.

Having said that, always remember that you are spending money for your own convenience and so you do not have to agree to anything you are not comfortable with. Only permit the company for things you want their services for and do not give unnecessary access to the manufacturers or any other person.

Create A separate GUEST NETWORK

Creating a separate guest network can be a great step towards securing your smart home network. This is because you do not want, even your friends, to be messing around with your IoT devices. Also, it is better to share a guest network password with guests in order to avoid bandwidth haggling and other cybersecurity issues.

Secure YOUR DEVICES with a password

Most smart devices come with a default password, however, please understand that you should change the name and password of the device as soon as it enters your network. Do not pick a password that is relevant to you in any way like a family member’s name, date of birth, or a pet’s name. Try to incorporate a password that is unique and cannot be guessed easily. This makes sure that outsiders do not exploit your network.

Furthermore, you can disable any and all product settings that do not suit you, for instance, remote access makes it easy for cybercriminals to interrupt your network, and disabling it can be a good step.

The Last Word

Taking these steps can help you in securing your IoT network but you should know that the chances of cybercrimes are a lot higher with the increase of network devices. The only thing you can do is to ensure that you take the right steps. Another thing you should know is that new ways to protect your network roll out every day and so keeping an eye on updates are always a sane option.



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