Awesome Ways To Use Cookie Cutters

 Awesome Ways To Use Cookie Cutters

Your cookie cutters must be lying around if they haven't been utilised to make gingerbread or sugar cookies. But, why? Have you ever thought about utilising your lovely cookie stamps for something other than producing traditional cookies? It is not unusual if you do not want your valuable tools to go unused throughout the year and wish there was a method for you to put them to better use. So, what's the hold-up?

Though the name contains the word "cookie," it is not confined to only being used to cut your cookies into beautiful shapes. In this post, we'll show you some wonderful ways to use cookie cutters that you'll wish you knew about sooner!!

  1. Occasion Brownies

Are you baking brownies for a special occasion or event? It might be your child's birthday party or a simple get-together, but you can still add and be creative by utilising different shaped cookie cutters such as cinderella dresses, vehicles, or cloud cookie cutters. Those brownies will undoubtedly be adored and devoured in a matter of seconds!

Tip: If you are having an after-party for any match win celebration, or themed party, such as football, you may cut out your brownie shapes with a football cookie stamp/cutter.

  1. Eggs

Make appealing eggs using cookie cutters in a variety of forms. Some cookie cutters are designed with a particular handle that allows them to be used over a hot frying pan. Your morning breakfast will no longer be boring!.

Tip: Before using any cookie cutter to create designed eggs, make sure it is safe to use on hot pans. You don't want to wind up in shambles!

  1. Candles

If you enjoy making tea candles, cookie cutters may be used as a mould. Place a tiny candlewick in the centre of a sheet pan covered with parchment paper.

Allow the wax to cool somewhat before pouring it while pushing it down on the cookie cutter. Allow it to cool before removing the cutter. You can make beautiful candles for a fraction of the cost of retail rates. This is incredibly festive for the holidays.

  1. Sandwiches 

Does your child ever return home with half-eaten sandwiches that you sent with your child to school? Even if the fillings are tasty and healthy, they may not want to taste them if it is not visually appealing. Make unique and appealing shapes with your cookie cutters that your child will enjoy. We guarantee you won't find a crumb of bread again!

Tip: When pushing down the cutter on the sandwich, make sure to hold it securely or all of the fillings will fall out.

  1. Pancakes

On Christmas Eve, what could be more festive than reindeer-shaped cookies? Obviously, you should have Christmas tree-shaped pancakes before opening your gifts. Spray the reindeer cookie cutter with nonstick cooking spray, lay it on your griddle or skillet, and then pour the batter into the form to make a beautiful shape.

Oh, and don't forget that when you flip it, you must flip it completely (cookie cutter and all).

Tip: Every time you serve pancakes, you can use a different shaped cookie cutter!!

  1. Pie Dough, Duh!

Don’t tell us, you throw away the leftover pie dough?. Nope, no stop!!!!. Never throw away any leftover pie dough... That stuff is the shiz.

After you've made the pie crust, cut shapes out of what's left, brush with melted butter, and then sprinkle (liberally) with cinnamon and sugar. Next to your pie, bake them for 8 to 10 minutes. We bet you'll have them all in your stomach before your pie even comes out of the oven. 

  1. Pizza Toppings

Toppings are the simplest approach to improve the aesthetic and appeal of your pizza. And who would have believed that pepperoni may be chopped into shapes that enhance the tastes of your favourite pizza?

  1. Cookie Cut Pizza

With this meal, the choices are unlimited. Cut shapes out of pre-made dough and top with your favourite meats, vegetables, and sauce to make a tiny pizza in whatever form you like. If you're feeling frisky and want to create your own dough, go ahead!

  1. Dog Treats

You should know that cookies aren't just for humans. Make dog treats with cookie cutters. Your dog will be pleased. Of course, they won't care about the shape, but you'll have a good time feeding it to them!

  1.  Floating marshmallow

Hot chocolate is visually unappealing. There is no better way to make it more festive than to top it with snowflake marshmallows. Why wait for winter to arrive and give you the vibes when it's far faster to freeze a thin layer of Cool Whip and then cut your shapes out of it!.

  1.  Sugar Cubes 

Sugar, water, and food colouring will yield some cute shaped sugar cubes to spice up your morning tea or coffee. When the usually dull Monday arrives, you'll be glad you created these sugar cubes over the weekend.

  1.  Bird Feeders

Make some cute birdseed feeders to put outside for those days when you're babysitting and you've run out of activities for the kids (basically every day). All you need is birdseed, cookie cutters, boiling water, gelatine, straws, and string.

We are sure, by now your mind must be filled with more creative ideas and ways that you can use your cookie cutters. With so many cookie cutters to select from, the possibilities for creativity and inspiration are limitless. Make sure you choose high-quality cookie cutters that will last for years!

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