How To Wear Jordans With Jeans: A Style Guide

How To Wear Jordans With Jeans: A Style Guide


Do you want to stand out from the crowd?

Jordans are some of the most stylish, comfortable, and diverse shoes in the fashion world. With these sneakers, you can add an extra kick to your everyday style. 

Sometimes, you want to keep it casual and kick back with a pair of jeans. If you're wondering how to wear jordans with jeans and still have a great outfit, then this is the resource for you. 

Keep on reading for the ultimate fashion guide to wearing jeans with Jordans. 

Go Slim Cut for a Sleek Look

Jordans are inherently eye-catching, so if you want to ensure that they won't get lost in your outfit, opt for a pair of jeans that are a slim cut. This way, your Jordans can shine. 

Additionally, a slim cut jean looks excellent with the silhouette of the sneaker and makes it easier to tuck in into the shoe to balance out the look entirely. They also come in a variety of washes and colors so that they can match the vibe of your Jordans. 

Cuff It 

Cuffed jeans are an excellent way to show off your Jordans while looking intentional and put together. Cuffing your jeans works across all cuts, so whether you go for a looser fitting pair of a slim cut, you can cuff those jeans to maybe show off some cool socks in addition to your Jordans. 

Keep It Retro 

If you are rocking a more retro, classic-basketball style pair of Jordans, an excellent way to channel that '90s aesthetic is to wear a pair of jeans that complement that look.

Distressed jeans are excellent for this style. Try opting for a pair with multiple tones that look like they could be acid washed, the more faded and muted tone, the better. These jeans work insanely well with the Jordans 3 Retro, which has a '90s throwback feel on its own. 

Don't Be Afraid to Step out of Tradition

There are way more options for jeans than just the traditional dark, medium, or light wash. For example, black jeans look sleek with a pair of red, white, and black Jordans. Or, for Summer Air Jordans, a white pair of jeans looks bright and airy to match the pastel pinks and lavenders. 

Embrace the Skinny Jean

As previously mentioned, a slim cut truly lets your Jordans shine. However, the skinny jean helps direct the eye to your Jordans, by having them be the focal point of the silhouette. 

There is a difference between a slim cut and skinny, and it's best to find a pair that suits your body best. 

Skinny jeans look great with bolder Jordans to give off a clean and modern aesthetic to your outfit. They also come in a variety of colors and washes to best suit your style. 

How to Wear Jordans With Jeans

From cut, color, and distressing levels, we have covered the ultimate guide on how to wear Jordans with jeans. With these tips, you will be rocking your Jordans like a pro. 

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