Top 5 Weirdest Pranks

Top 5 Weirdest Pranks

How to show your affections to your loved ones? Sending flowers and chocolates? No, that’s what the old generations do. We millennials now have a whole new level of showing love. We send the most insane gag gifts ever to people we love! Check out these weirdest ideas to see what you can send them anonymously and make their whole day fun!

Smelly Poop in a box

Yep. Exactly what it sounds like. Wet, chunky, poop in a box. Sprayed with condensed hobo farts. It is shipped in a screw-top tin can. This really helps keep the moisture of the condensed hobo farts that are sprayed fresh so your poop arrives wetter and stinkier than ever! The poop comes with a note that reads “Have a Shitty Day”.

Ship Your Friends Nothing

Why stress over finding the perfect gift when you can just send the package? Ship Your Friends Nothing offers quite a few ways to trick your friends and foes with the gift of nothing. It leaves your recipient with multiple boxes to unpack that lead to — you guessed it — nothing.

New Style $50 Full Print Prop Money Stack

This is the perfect anonymous gift for your naive friends. Send the fake money you see in your favourite films to the doorstep of your victim. You can even customize your prop money with slogans, images, and business logos.

I’m a Piece of Shit Unisex T-shirt

Personalize this Unisex T-shirt with your recipient’s name and have it printed. The T-shirt will be delivered anonymously, unless you choose to reveal yourself in the attached digital note, of course. This product will pair very nicely with the Smelly Poop in a Box.

Butthurt Report Postcard

We all know someone that needs to fill one of these out. And can you think of better presentation than postcard form? Everyone and their mothers (including the mailman) will know who’s butthurt! This makes for a great followup prank after sending someone a Ruin Days product!


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