What An International Student Needs To Know About Admission To A US University

What An International Student Needs To Know About Admission To A US University

Have you been dreaming of studying in the United States for several years? Do not know how to enter an American university? Today we will give you all the details, but first:

  1. Decide for yourself what you want to study
  2. Answer the question, "How many years are you willing to spend away from home?"
  3. Soberly assess your family's financial capabilities.
  4. Determine your English level.

Choosing a University

College or University - that is the question

In America there are about 3500 institutions of higher education. There is no fundamental difference between college and university. You can get a bachelor's, master's, or doctoral degree at both institutions of higher learning. The only difference between them is that a university has more students (by the way, it may consist of several colleges).

 Preparation is serious!

In the U.S., school starts in August. To do everything in time, you better start preparing for admission 15-18 months in advance, otherwise you run the risk of being left with nothing.

Choosing a University

Before you get down to applying, take a moment to do some research on universities in the United States.

You may find the following websites useful:

  • www.mapsofworld.com - you can find a list of the best schools in the United States, basic information about each school, and a map of where they are located.
  • www.topuniversities.com - "Top 10 Most Admirable Universities"
  • www.usastudyguide.com - another great website that you should read to find out not only about the best places to study, but also the benefits of each college, costs, and other things you should know about.

Every American college and university has its own website. For example, you are interested in Harvard University. You should go to the institution's official website at www.harvard.edu. This is where you will find out about tuition costs, the availability of scholarship programs, and the quality and philosophy of the program.

Similarly, you can find out about any other university you choose. Many websites also have a section for international applicants.

Going to a University

Booklets and catalogs

Contact the schools you like using the feedback form on the website and request their brochures and catalogs. Once you receive these, you will get a better idea of the courses, programs, location, entrance requirements, traditions, accomplishments, awards, and so on.


The university usually sends you an application form along with catalogs and brochures. If you do not receive it, look for the form on the website of the chosen university, or ask for an electronic copy through the feedback form.

Do not rush when you fill out the form, because it will tell the committee all the basic information about you. Essaywriterfree recommends that if you are asked to write an essay (enclosed with the application form), do it responsibly. Show the committee that you are a creative person.

The questionnaire can be filled out in paper or electronic format on the website of a specific university.

English proficiency test

If you want to study in the USA, but have safely slept through all your high school English classes, start learning the language now. Passing the TOEFL or IELTS (depending on the requirements of the particular institution) is a requirement for admission to university in the United States. The booklet you receive from the university shows you the test you need to take. By the way, you can find this information on the official website of the chosen university.

Documents for admission

Towards autumn, you will need a copy of your high school transcript (translated into English and notarized) and a medical certificate. Ask the school principal to write positive recommendations for you - this will be an advantage in admission.

If you want to transfer to a U.S. university, you should also have a list of grades for courses you have taken (remember to translate it into English and have it notarized) and recommendations from professors at the university.

Enroll an University

To the above papers, you need to enclose a check for the fees for reviewing the package of documents. This amount can range from $10 to $150, depending on the particular university. Without this check, your applications will not be considered by the admissions committee. If you are unable to pay this amount, you should attach a letter to your application package explaining why you cannot pay. Done? Then send your application to a U.S. university!

All that's left to do is wait

In the spring (usually April or May) responses from the universities you applied to will begin to arrive. You have to choose one - the one where you will study.

You should contact the college admissions office as early as the summer. You will need an international advisor or international assistant.

This advisor will tell you what to do next and will supervise you until the training begins.

Be careful

Universities have different requirements (they can differ from each other drastically), so study very carefully the brochures sent to you, the requirements for completing the application form, the essay, the application, etc.

Be prepared to provide proof of your ability to pay if the university requires it. This can be a bank statement or your parents' income certificate. If you are having difficulty applying on your own, we recommend that you contact an information and education center near you for advice. They will help you through every step of the process.

Now you know how to apply to graduate school in the United States!



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