What Are The Benefits Of A Virtual Launch Event?

What Are The Benefits Of A Virtual Launch Event?


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With the paradigm shift in the event patterns, virtual events became a part of daily lifestyles. Ever since the advent of unforeseen circumstances of the global pandemic, a complete transformation in event formats has been witnessed. All live physical events have been moved to a digital space as physical gatherings have been abandoned by the government. Organizations & brands around the world are left with no other option than to rely on virtual event technology. Today, hosting virtual events have become phenomenally popular and is the next big trend in the event industry. Virtual events are here for a long and are a part of many large-scale globally spread organisations. An increase in the demand for virtual events and virtual event technology has been noted after the outbreak of COVID-19. 

With the change in dynamics, virtual events are the only viable option left to connect with attendees globally. A comprehensive virtual event platform allows you to host all types of events virtually right from meetings, AGMs, trade fairs, exhibitions to product launches and demonstrations. The merits offered by virtual events motivated marketers, and event planners to leverage the same. Right from extended reach, brand awareness, enhanced participation, amplified engagements to boosting business revenues by generating more leads and upscaling sales, virtual events have much to offer. 

Top brands have hosted virtual launch events to introduce their latest products to diverse audiences. It resulted in increasing the market share of the latest launched products. Many key players such as Apple has released their latest product online. Whereas top baby care brand johnsons and johnsons, has launched its range of “cotton touch” through a virtual launch event. Additionally, many other brands have even adopted the same practice and reached a diverse set of attendees globally. 

In this blog, we will cover the top benefits of virtual launch events and why you should take your product launches online. So, let’s get started!

Top Benefits of Virtual Launch Events

Virtual product launch events offer a lot of advantages right from extending reach to boosting sales and revenues. The advantages offered by virtual launch events are not possible to achieve with live physical product launches. Here we have listed some of the top benefits of a virtual launch event, have a look:

1. Better reach and accessibility

With a virtual launch event, you simply enhance your event reach and visibility. A large segment of attendees can be a part of your event virtually right from their remote locations. Thus, resulting in extended reach and accessibility. With physical product launches, some attendees miss out on attending an event due to geographical constraints or some due to packed schedules. Virtual product launches allow brands to showcase their products and services to globally spread attendees all at once. However, virtual product launches deliver the brand message effectively to a large segment of audiences. Thus resulting in amplifying brand awareness. 

2. Reduced expenses

Virtual product launches are a cost-effective alternative for any brand to launch the latest product offering. It results in reduced costs for both the parties involved i.e organiser as well as the attendee. The cost for booking venue, food & drinks, and more gets completely resolved with virtual product launch events. Additionally, attendees no longer have to book travel tickets and book accommodation to attend a virtual launch event. They can simply enjoy the event right from home comforts at their convenience. To host a virtual product launch, all you need to invest in is a virtual event platform and promotion campaigns

3. Amplified Engagements

As per the recent survey, 70% of enhanced engagements are noticed in virtual launch events when compared to traditional ones. A virtual event platform offers enormous opportunities for engagement during events. You can offer various engagement options for such as photo booths, social walls, virtual games, live polls, quizzes, and more. It helps in boosting excitement in your virtual launch event and keeps attendees hooked for long hours. Additionally, attendees can get clicked at virtual photo booths and share their event pics instantly on social media with friends and family. 

4. Generate more business leads and boost revenues

As virtual product launches have better reach and attendance, the chances of generating qualified leads are more. It will result in boosting business revenues by increasing the sales of the product launched.

5. Eco-Friendly alternative 

Virtual product launches are an environmental-friendly alternative that has a positive impact on mother nature. Large gatherings at physical events result in disposing of tons of waste and carbon emissions that adversely affect the environment. Virtual product releases overcome the issue of carbon emissions as attendees are taking part in the event virtually.

6. Content can be available on-demand 

The content of virtual product launches can stay up for a longer time even after the event ends. It is not possible with a traditional event format. Attendees who missed out on attending a Live virtual product launch event can access it on-demand whenever they want. 

7. Valuable data tracking

Tracking the number of registration is the only possible solution to measure the event success with physical launch events. However, with virtual launch events, you can generate accurate event analytics reports in real-time. A comprehensive virtual event platform offers data tracking features. It allows organizers to keep a record of every attendee move. How they navigated the event, whom they talked to, where they spent their maximum time, which areas do not appeal to them at all, all the data has been tracked. It helps in generating real-time event analytics reports and measuring the performance of virtual launch events. 

8. You can gather attendee feedback instantly

It’s next to impossible to gather attendee feedback in real-time with physical launch events. But, with virtual launch events, it is a lot easier to gather attendee feedback. You can organize a live poll in between the virtual launch event and motivate your attendees to participate in the same. It will help you in gathering attendee’s opinions about the product. Additionally, you can even opt to push a feedback form before the attendee leaves the event. It will help in gathering valuable feedback from attendees. Thus make you aware of their opinions, likes, dislikes, and preferences. 


Over to You

The benefits offered by virtual product launches are many. It can be assessed by the end number of attendees irrespective of where they are located around the globe. However, on the other hand, virtual launch events benefit the brands with increased exposure and brand awareness. Thus, resulting in upscaling sales and boosting business revenues.


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