What Is CBG Oil (Cannabigerol) ?

What Is CBG Oil (Cannabigerol) ?

The cannabis plant has a special organic compound, and that compound is known as Cannabigerol. While harvesting the cannabis plant, there is only minor composition of this compound, and the result shows that it is about 1%. At a maximum level, it can be around 2%. So, the composition is quite rare, and you have to do the harvesting process cautiously so that not even a small portion is left behind. 

Would you like to know where CBG comes to be? Actually, in the cannabis plant, there is a production of CBGA, in which A corresponds to the Acidic form. Due to the CBGA, there will be the formation of CBD, CBC, and THC. If the plants do not produce CBGA, then these constituents would have been simply absent. Natural enzymes act on the plant, converting CBGA into various components like CBCA, THCA, and CBDA. After the decarboxylation of CBGA, these components will be transformed into CBC, THC, and CBD. When these components are formed, the leftover portion of CBGA is then decarboxylated and thus turned into CBG.

The major drawback is that the maximum proportion of CBGA converts to other compounds except for CBG. So, there is a tiny percentage in the formation of CBG. As compared to CBG, the formation of CBD and THC will be ten or even twenty times higher. For the harvester, if he plans to obtain a good chunk of CBG, then he should harvest the cannabis plant sooner. If this is done, then the amount of CBD and THC will get reduced. So, it is more like a sacrifice done in making CBG. Another mechanism for the high yielding of CBG is to make a crossbreed among the cannabis plant and then make an optimization. This crossbreeding might turn risky by the fact that there is a significant low demand for CBG products. So, make sure that you have proper research of the market. Before buying make sure it's third-party testing for potency and purity of contaminants like this one https://biomdplus.com/cbd-oil/what-is-cbg-oil/.

A jar of CBG

Benefits of CBG

In history, there is the first record of the production of CBG in 1964. However, the research on CBG has not been done on a large scale basis. In recent times, many have found that there are some benefits pertaining to the usage of CBG.

Some of the papers discuss the study made on CBG, and it has been found out that THC, CBD, CBG has some positive effect on intraocular tension. There are some of the drawbacks of THC and CBD as well. These can actually cause hyperemia and conjunctival erythema. Talking about the CBG, it does no harm in these regards. Along with other cannabinoids, CBG possesses some of the best antimicrobial properties.  Moreover, the CBG component also seems to show some of the positive aspects of anti-inflammatory properties. Also, when it comes to relieving the pain, then CBG plays a vital role in this.

During a recent study done in January 2020, it has been found that the ingredients of CBG have some good antibiotic properties that can resist some of the dangerous drug-resistant bacteria. One of the tests was done in Mice that were infected with MRSA and then found out that vancomycin's efficacy was maintained as it is.  If it is an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), then using CBG would provide relief to the inflammation; also protect the nerves if it has been affected by Huntington's disease. Take note that CBG prevents the growth of carcinogenic cells that might form in the colon. 

Does CBG Make You High?

If you wonder whether CBG could make you high, then you are not correct about it. It does not make you high. It has a mild psychoactive component like CBD does, which enables you to feel relaxed. Unlike THC, CBG and CBD do not have the toxic effect, but it might get you euphoric if you consume it in a high dose. 

It is a safe element similar to that of the broad-spectrum oil and CBG isolate. If the CBG contains the THC element, then you should be aware of the fact that it is a failed test.

CBD and CBG jar


Both CBG and CBD are derivatives of Cannabigerol acid. Yes, they are quite similar, but in terms of chemical composition, they share different characteristics. 

When taking a note of similarities, both of these activities on the Endocannabinoid system. No doubt, there are also plenty of benefits. Compared to THC, CBG and CBD have fewer tendencies to make you high and thus, help maintain the entourage effect. So, you will feel that these two will have some great therapeutic effect on your body. 

When it comes to interacting with your body's Endocannabinoid System, then CBG has an advantage over CBD. In fact, CBG has the special ability to interact with the brain's receptor, often called a brain's cannabinoid receptors. On the other hand, CBD has some limitations on this matter. There are especially two receptors that the brain cannabinoid system has. These two CB1 and CB2 are effectively bonded by the CBG element. So, here comes the efficiency of CBG as compared to CBD. 

When taking some notes on the organic properties of CBG, the research shows that it is much harder to extract CBG compared to CBD. So, it takes time and effort. As there is a deep scarcity in the production process of the cannabis plant, it is very expensive in the market, and the production requires a great chunk of delicacy. 

Side Effects of CBG

Undoubtedly, there is very little research done in CBG usage, and to this date, there is hardly any information regarding the side effects. As from the feedback given by the CBG users, Cannabigerol does not give troublesome time. Indeed, many claim that they have tolerated it quite easily, with zero side effects, and the main part is they find it less toxic. So, as long as you are consuming at the right dose, it produces a healthy result. So, make sure you maintain the right dose.

Moreover, talk to your physician if you find it unhealthy. If you feel any other allergic issues, it is better not to use it or lower the dose.

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