What To Do With Old Furniture

What To Do With Old Furniture

There always comes a time in life when we look at the things we own and just ask ourselves “Why do I have this again?” Maybe you’ve gotten attached to that old rocking chair but don’t have a place to keep it. Or perhaps you have inherited a lot of furniture from a relative and simply don’t know what to do about it. In this article, we will talk about some of the best ways of dealing with old furniture. So, let’s get right into it.

    1. Sell it

            The first, and the most obvious option of today’s article is selling it. Is the neighbor having a garage sale soon? It might be time to pay them a visit and see whether they would be interested in doing some business. By selling a piece of furniture that is still in usable condition, you both get rid of the chair, drawer, or sofa in question, and you also earn some money while doing it!

            This was the old-fashioned way, if you are up for more modern alternatives, you can always put the item on sale on a website like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Chairish, etc. All you need to do is separate some time to set up an account, take a couple of photos of the item, and make a captivating description and you are set to go.

    1. Do Any of Your Friends or Family Want it?

            If the furniture is still usable and it doesn’t have a place in your home, why not be a good friend and give it to someone who might want it? You will both get points for helping out a mate and also decluttering your own house, it’s a win-win situation. Plus, this is a much more desirable alternative than just throwing a perfectly fine piece of furniture away. It goes without saying that the furniture you are giving away should be clean and in good condition. It’s an awful gesture to give something that will fall apart the moment it reaches their home. And hey, worst case scenario, if they don’t like it they can forward it to someone else.

    1. Refinish it

Whether you want to turn in a larger profit or are considering using the furniture in question if it had a completely new look, you can opt for refinishing. If it’s a simple job like putting on a new layer of paint you can do it yourself. However, if it requires a lot more expertise to bring it back to life, you would be better off going to an expert. Thankfully, in Sidney, there are some commendable antique furniture restoration professionals. Either way, by refinishing it, you have a lot more creative control over the final look of the furniture in question. This way you can still keep grandma’s old rocking chair that feels just like new.

    1. Find a New Purpose for it

If you really don’t want to separate yourself from the furniture and don’t want to restore it, there are other ways of dealing with it. Primarily, by giving it a new purpose! This is the option that definitely requires the most creativity to accomplish. We are going to list a few things that you can do, but don’t feel to choose just from the things we chose, as they can be used for so much more.

• Use old lockers for storing your shoes and slippers;

• Use an old dresser as your new bathroom cabinet;

• Use an old coffee table as a bench (just remember to add a pillow!);

• Give your plants a new home on your old bookshelf.

    1. Don’t Feel Like Using it? Donate it!

            If you don’t have anyone to give it to or don’t feel like selling it, there is always a charity to that you can donate it. Even though most people think of monetary donations when talking about charity, donating a piece of furniture can be as equally (if not more) as helpful. Sometimes even the charity itself will resell the furniture if they think they don’t have a place or a use for it. However, before you make any kind of donation, you should ask someone from the donation whether they accept donations of this kind and whether they are okay with the furniture in question. You don’t want to come into the situation where you bring the large furniture all the way to the other side of the city only for them to decline you on the doors.

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