Wherelight Reviews: Quality Glasses With Affordable Price

Wherelight Reviews: Quality Glasses With Affordable Price

Glasses becomes an important part of modern life which not also protect and support your eyes, but also show your fashion style. But It’s not easy to get a pair of glasses with an affordable price. After a while using products from Wherelight, I won’t be disappointed about their quality. After checking a lot of reviews from Youtube, I decided to try by myself and really, their glasses help me feel positive and confident.

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Shipping system is quite good when they bring you products on time and you can track your products easily. So just go to their online store and pick what you want no matter where you are in America. More than that, Wherelight offers free international shipping! which is amazing because ridiculous shipping rates can be such a turn-off. However, be prepared to patiently or impatiently (as in my case) wait for your glasses to finally arrive. However, be prepared to patiently or impatiently (as in my case) wait for your glasses to finally arrive. My glasses took approximately 4 weeks to arrive at my home; however, that is reasonable considering they were travelling from China. Also prepare to be left in the dark while your glasses are making their way to you as you do not get many status updates while they are ‘in transit’ (i.e. flying over from China). I contacted the Canadian customer service rep on two occasions inquiring about status updates, or lack thereof, so it came as a very nice surprise when I found them in my mailbox nicely bundled up. To note, the rep did respond to me both times and assured me my glasses were on their way.

Wherelight offers stylish frames WITH prescription lenses (that were right on point btw) for ridiculously affordable prices and FREE international shipping.


After checking many other store from the internet, I know this one is exactly the store I need that won’t burn my budget for fashionable glasses. To simplify the shopping way, wherelight.com comes as eyewear retailer providing a variety of high-quality glasses: including prescription glasses, sunglasses, hand made glasses, kids’ glasses. Besides, they have a lot of styles, such as designer, cat-eye, aviator, way-fayer, round, etc, you get every style you want here.


Wherelight products is really strong at quality and affordability. Their frames and lenses are sourced from the best manufacturers, so they can assure you of its quality and durability. Their lenses are manufactured with precision and they make them go through various tests before making them available to their customers. Their products are in no way less than any high street seller except one. Buying eye wears, frames and lenses from them won’t make a hole in your pocket. They are really affordable.

They highly trained staff and technical experts are always there to help you choose the right eyewear for you. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. There are over hundreds of eyeglasses on their site. Whether you want to choose one via gender, style, frame width, material, lens type, we have the options for you. If you want to have an eyewear for a particular occasion, then our sales support can help you by giving you the right choices.

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