Which Way Is Best To Test Your Mobile App Idea Before Spending Any Money On Development?

Which Way Is Best To Test Your Mobile App Idea Before Spending Any Money On Development?

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“Plans are nothing; planning is everything.” - D. D. Eisenhower.

It's not about a nice printed presentation; it is about thinking thoroughly about the whole idea process from business idea to market success.

“Think before you speak.” – Fran Lebowits. 

However, testing your mobile app idea before developing it can get your app among the top competitive apps in the apps store.

Without a doubt, transforming your idea into a reality is one of the utmost creativities a person can show. Almost every technical individual has ideas about a mobile app. However, giving it a single thought, whether it’s applicable or not, is not enough. Do you think your idea is worth it? Test it.

How To Identify If Your App Idea Is Worth It?

Now, it’s time to put some research, validate and test your idea after having an app idea. Likely, these ideas may or may not be worth the time you have. So, use your time wisely before you go into developing your idea. This part of the process must not be ignored for once. However, testing your idea is equally important as development indeed.

Furthermore, the accompanying testing steps can be very useful:

1 Identify and analyze existing apps

        Nevertheless, identify and analyze existing apps can also be a very crucial step. So, put enough effort into identifying and analyzing other available mobile apps thoroughly. This measure can be very handy. What if the idea you have is already in the app stores? Or what exact change do you promise in your app, considering the millions of apps in the app store?

2 Ask Potential Users

        As well as that, ask your potential user about your app idea and know what they think. You can know your likely user’s opinion given multiple platforms available. In this step, you can use social media platforms like Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/etc. Let people know you've got a mobile app idea, and try getting their review and starting working on it. Additionally, Reddit can also be of use in getting your app idea reviews. 

3 Analyzing your app idea’s market fit

You must analyze your app idea's market fit after analyzing other apps and getting potential user’s positive opinions of your vision.

At this point, analyze your app idea's market fit; you also determine if the user picks your app over any other apps that deliver the same functionalities. To know for sure, start by listing down other competitive apps feature. By this, you'll have an idea of where you can improve and add features to your app.

Most Significantly, have a huge user base before generating any ads revenue.

4 Make a Prototype of your app idea

Always know for sure that your app idea will be effective. Therefore, make a prototype of your app idea, show potential users the prototype, and ask their opinions. Prototyping can be very advantageous for your app idea. A prototype is an early sample and model, which is built to test the concept and process.

5 Building and Marketing

The next step, building and marketing your app idea. If your idea has made it this far, then congrats! You have an amazing app idea!

Now, you can start the development process of your app idea. At this point, you can search for investors who appreciate your opinion and are willing to invest as much as possible.

This article will aid you how to test and develop your idea. Before going into the development phase and spending any money on your mobile app idea, you should know about the types of apps you want to develop. Native App or Hybrid App?  Or a mobile responsive website?

What Is a Native App?

A Native app won't run to other mobile operating systems but on specifically designed devices. So, for instance, if you develop a native app for Android, you’d acquire the development in java and android studio.

Not only that, a native app can be very useful in accessing all the functionality of the designated device easily, if developed discreetly, to run without error on the device.

However, one of the major downfalls of a native app is that it only runs on a single operating system. As a result, if you want your app to run on multiple platforms like iOS and Windows, you also have to develop the app three times.

Admittedly, Numerous companies develop their app choosing the native route. However, if the app succeeds, the companies will go back and recreate the same app on other platforms. Keep this in mind, at this moment in time, iOS apps ensure more profits than any other apps.

What is a Hybrid App?

Unlike a native app, hybrid apps can run on many platforms. It is because hybrid Apps use a single standard code language (C# or a combination of HTML5 and JavaScript) and further its compiled to be performed on each platform. Also, plugins for that operating system can manage the device interaction.

One of the huge benefitting factors of Hybrid apps is that they can enable its app to run on multiple platforms rather than on a single platform. It can also be very cost-effective than developing many native apps. Apart from this, the Users will not be able to distinguish whether it’s a hybrid app or a native app after a successful development. In short, if the app works fine and does what they expected, then the user won’t care if it’s a hybrid app or a native app.

Moreover, the Hybrid app also comes with Drawbacks. There are few plugins available in hybrid development. If the app requires any complex integration from the device, it can offer some grave encounters. Apart from this, the budgets of supporting a hybrid app be may get higher than the budgets of supporting a native app.

What is a Responsive Website?

A mobile responsive website can be developed via HTML 5 and JavaScript. A responsive website is usually an internet-based website that dynamically changes the appearance of a website, depending on the screen size. Without a doubt, professional developers ensure to take a "mobile-first" approach to develop websites paired down to desktop versions.

The biggest disadvantages to responsive websites are that their application can not be distributed to app stores, which may get unconvincing for Users and Stakeholders. Also, websites need constant connectivity, which can be troublesome to the Users. On a further note, this issue may get in the way of developing the market without concern for highly developed markets.

It's worth noting that apps are the incentives behind the mobile web – more people find it rather comforting to use mobile apps than mobile web apps. In addition, the average user uses up to 30 apps a month, and with more than 250,000 apps are being released yearly, there may arise an opinion of overload from a user's perspective. But on the other hand, installing many apps can overload the user's mobile, and the user might use mobile websites more than mobile apps. At this time, it can be a high possibility in the growing use of mobile websites. So, it's possible, if there are well-designed and well-developed mobile websites, then the user will move away from mobile apps and go back to browsing mobile websites.


This article has shed light on types of apps and their platforms. Similarly, having an app idea and knowing the development platforms can make an effective mobile app or mobile website. If you have any app idea and want to make it happen then, one of the

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