Why Animated Video Marketing Will Be The New Trend?

Why Animated Video Marketing Will Be The New Trend?

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Globally, as far as business marketing is concerned, animated videos are being highly preferred among other tactics and strategies. With these, the brief descriptions of the business deliver out in very little time and in a better manner that turns out to be engaging and interesting.

Undeniably, looking at the images or reading a text description has become quite boring, whereas the animated videos are rarely ignored, courtesy to the entertainment potion in them.

Recently, a report unveiled that videos get 1200% shared in comparison to a mere text or image content. Impressive, right? Additionally, there are way more reasons to share an entertaining yet informative video than other content types.

Furthermore, the creation and distribution of an animated video are a lot more inexpensive than any other video marketing tactics. Thus, it turns out to be a more profitable and successful one too.

Also, be it a product, a service or the entire business, explainer video productions help provide a detailed description in just a few seconds while keeping the customer engaged till the end.

Keeping all of this in mind, animated video marketing is quickly becoming a trendy subject. Still wondering why? Read ahead and find out some viable reasons for the same.

Videos are Dominating Social Media:

Sure, animation videos have been in use since long. However, most of the businesses have been only displaying them on certain pages and limiting the distribution to other channels.

But, with an increase in the acceptance of the animated videos, no wonder why every other business, whether a startup or an already running business, is ready to make the best out of video marketing services, which is only going to increase in the coming days.

Animated videos are believed to add value to businesses and brands. With them being the key marketing tactic, more opportunities open up, bringing even bigger profit. Also, posting these videos on social media attracts a higher user base and allows the target audience to share the business details without any hassle.

A Satisfactory Increase in Interactivity:

Mostly, animated videos are a fine blend of humour, entertainment and informative content regarding the details of the product or service and the brand. Thus, it helps tremendously well with enhancing engagement and interactivity.

Also, with such interactive videos, the communication method of the business improves, and the clients get a better understanding of the brand’s vision and USPs. Furthermore, the integration of the latest features for video marketing, such as sub-menus and show-reels, has increased engagement along with interactivity.

This, in a way, compels the clients or customers to shop from the same business time and again.

Increases Conversion Rate:

Apart from just enhancing the engagement among customers, these videos also encourage them to make a purchase, thus helping the business to get more profit. Statistics also revealed that using animated videos on the websites increases the conversion rate by about 80%.

Moreover, no matter what the business is about, animated videos are the best marketing method for the brands and businesses of any category.

Makes the Product Easy to Understand:

To make it easy for the customers to understand the product and its functions, what better than using some fun elements during the explainer video productions? These videos explain the purpose, vision, and function of the product easily, and make the customer understand the benefits of the product.

Animated videos also allow the brand to explain the whole description in a story manner by relating the product with real-life applications and uses. With this, the customers get a clear idea of the product and services and how effective they are for their lives. For these purposes, both 2D and whiteboard animations work best.

Save Time and Money:

The concepts and shoots behind the animated videos never get old, unlike the live videos, and they stay in trend for ages, saving the cost and time of re-productions for the business.

No matter how old it is, an animated video always looks fresher and turns out engaging as well as entertaining for the customers, thus increasing the life of the marketing mechanic.

Additionally, animated videos convey the message in just a few minutes, and that too, in a more descriptive manner. Also, the animated videos never raise any legal or equality-related disputes as they never make use of any person.

Thus, in a globally giant marketplace, like the internet, animated videos save costs that are prone to rise with legal disputes.


With all these impressive benefits of the animated video marketing technique, it is clear why its market is flourishing, and it is believed to come out as the golden trend in marketing mechanics. 

Hence, from startups to globally giant firms, every business can have fruitful outcomes with the effective utilization of animated video for marketing and promotional activities.

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