Why Choose The .NET Developer Platform?

Why Choose The .NET Developer Platform?

 The popularity of .NET had increased over the last decade because a lot of businesses have applied it to make sure that their products are delivered successfully. But why one prefers .NET over other available technologies?

What Makes .NET Better Than Other Technologies?

This technology is promoted by Microsoft, which makes it more efficient. It also boasts a big team of individuals who are interested not only in updates but in framework development as well. This technology obtains five main advantages, which helps it stand out from the crowd:

  1. Interoperability. The framework happens to be language-neutral, which implies that designers are free to use the code more than once in order to make the development process more effective.

  2. It is easy when it is about cloud creation. Microsoft has done its best to enhance the cloud programming infrastructure. Hence, this cloud is suitable for developing smooth apps. Furthermore, .NET can fit into Docker containers thanks to its design, so it is possible to place apps in the cloud effectively.  

  3. Platform-agnostic. This sort of service is well-suited to Linux, Windows, and OS X. thanks to this, developers are able to create cross-platform apps and port them across various platforms.

  4. Security. This framework includes a wide variety of security practices, and they ensure that the .NET-based solution is safe and secure. For example, there is not only Windows authentication, but the framework involves cryptography classes as well. 

  5. Wide variety of tools. Numerous tools that make operation more efficient were developed because of the NET framework`s popularity. 

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What Skills Do .NET Developers Need to Obtain?

It is recommended to opt for reliable .NET developer platforms, such as Fireart, because they can guarantee that you will get what you want. The experienced developers you can hire using this service have the following skills:

  • Extensive knowledge of TypeScript, C#, and JavaScript. It is crucial to know them because C#, for example, is the .NET framework`s major programming language. The other two are applied for front-end development. Consequently, it is not sufficient to master only one of the mentioned languages to be a good developer;

  • Cloud expertise. A professional should know the strengths and weaknesses of three major vendors, such as Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. Thanks to this, the developer should be able to see which of them is more suitable to tackle a certain task;

  • ASP.NET core framework. It is essential when it comes to developing web apps. Thanks to them, it is possible to create a service that will be lightweight and compatible with various platforms. Overall, this framework influences the process of building web apps so that it becomes more efficient;

  • React and Angular framework. Great developers are to be able to manage the mentioned frameworks when it is about full-scale creation;

  • Knowledge of databases. Data storage is crucial when one needs to build a web app. Thus, a great .NET developer must be skilled enough to deal with databases.


More and more businesses are interested in .NET because it can help them become more successful. You can always hire a freelancer, but there is no guarantee that your requirements will be met in this case. That is why it is better to opt for a .NET developer platform where you can find professionals. At https://fireart.studio/hire-net-developers/, you can get the .NET developer who has the skills mentioned in this article. As a result, your needs will be satisfied, so you have all the chances to be happy with the outcome. 


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