Why Companies Use Technical Screening For Recruitment

Why Companies Use Technical Screening For Recruitment

Every task consumes so much time but as soon as the technical factor is attached to it the time taken for its completion reduces. There are so many tasks that are considered as important yet difficult and recruiting a person is also one of them. The recruitment process is always considered the time consuming one because efforts are made to select only the right candidate. But this process is not as simple as it seems. It takes experts to perform this task because of its technicality.

Companies Use Technical Screening for Recruitment

Every job profile requires different persons having unique traits and the recruiter has to find out those traits in the job as well as in the candidate. The technical jobs require the technical assessment tools to assess the candidate and so on. The process of hiring a manager will be different from the process of hiring a coder or developer. If we talk about the important concepts or techniques for assessing candidates then the technical screening is one of them. The technical screening includes all those tests and tools which are used to select a person for a technical job. The technical screening will try to extract information relating to a candidate’s knowledge or experience. 

There can be many reasons why most of the companies go for technical screening while selecting the candidate. Some of the reasons will be discussed as follows:

  • To work with experienced candidates: Every organization wants to work with the best professionals. They can only do this so if they will undertake the technical screening of the candidates. The candidates who are not experienced or aware of the basics of the job profile that is being expected from the results in huge wastages. They will not only waste the time of the organizations but also the money that they will invest in them. But with the help of technical screening, the right and the desired candidate will be selected for the job. 
  • Eliminating the bias factor: With the help of online technical screening, various chances of biasness is being eliminated from the recruitment process. The process is now simpler as well as effective in all the ways for both parties. Sometimes we reject the candidate by just looking at his or her resume because a page of the paper will not tell you how the candidate is going to be in the future. You need to make use of something other than that. Maybe a recruiter may reject the candidate or may not take it seriously because all the previous candidates may be frustrating for him. But once you reject the right candidate you will not be able to get back at him easily. That is why it is important to pay attention to the first instance only. 
  • Ignoring the unconscious biasness: The unconsciousness business can also be eliminated with the help of technical screening. We have already discussed the reason for the unconscious biases. 
  • Choosing the best candidate who is genuine: In a resume or through other ways the candidate may try to please the recruiters with something that is not at all important for the job. You need to choose the genuine candidates who do not take the help of any wrong act to please the recruiter. This can only be done with the help of technical screening. 
  • To save time: Every organization has to perform so many functions and they all will try to get free from this recruit responsibility to start or initiate their other works. But in other modes, it will not be easy to get rid of this process. But the technical screening may help the companies to eliminate the wastage of their time spent on this recruitment process. The online platform is the most desirable one as it is helpful in saving both your time as well as money.  
  • Saving the money: Many organizations are still living in a misconception that online technical screening will cost them so much that they may not be able to afford it. But in reality, the technical screening process offered by Mettl is much affordable and useful for the organizations. They can eliminate so many other costs associated with this process with the help of online technical screening. You can even avoid the situation of losses that may occur in the future by selecting the wrong candidate. 
  • Solving many other employee-related problems: Choosing the wrong one who is not satisfied with the job, doesn’t want to play the role given, high absenteeism or turnover of employees, etc are the common problems associated with the absence of technical screening. But you can now avoid all these problems by making use of the right tools at the initial stages of recruitment only. You will be able to select the best one at the beginning stages only.

Why companies make use of technical screening in their recruitment process

So, these were the following reasons why the companies make use of technical screening in their recruitment process. But for the candidates, it is a kind of new challenge because luck or innocence is now no longer helpful for them to get selected. Only those who are really capable and suitable will get selected. The candidate must keep on preparing for the technical screening in order to clear this stage to get selected. Some of the tips for the candidates who are appearing for technical screening are as follows:

  • Practice well: Never stop practicing and try to make use of the online resources which are helpful for your preparation for this.
  • Research well: Try to make proper research about technical screening before being part of it. 
  • The job description should be taken seriously: Try to read out the description of the job profile well so that you will be well aware of what is expected from you. 
  • Skills identification: Identify the various skills that you are having and try to work more on them to get a good hold on them, which are skills needed for your job.

In conclusion, these are some of the tips which can be helpful for the aspiring candidates of technical screening.

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