Why E-liquid Brand Matters While Purchasing

Why E-liquid Brand Matters While Purchasing

When it comes to vape juices (also known as vape oils, e-liquids, or e-juices), what you put in is pretty much what you get out. Therefore, it’s essential to conduct your due diligence while shopping for your next vape juice. As you shall find, there are numerous factors to bear in mind before purchasing e-juices.

You’d want to start by understanding the specific ingredients in the product. E-juices typically contain vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), nicotine, and flavorings. Each of these ingredients plays a crucial role in enhancing your overall vaping experience. Most importantly, the concentration of these components differs from one product to another.

Besides understanding the specific ingredients in a vape juice, it would also help to learn a thing or two about the brand. This post delves deeper into the importance of familiarizing yourself with an e-juice brand before purchasing the product.

Importance of E-liquid Brand

It’s standard practice to buy smok vapes products at competitive rates. As you shall find, there’s a direct nexus between an e-juice brand and the quality of its products. The higher the reputation of a vape juice brand, the more likely they will offer high-end e-liquids. And since you care about the quality of your e-juices, it’s essential also to consider whom you purchase the products from.

Fortunately, there are various ways to vouch for the quality of e-juices before investing in these products. First, ensure that you purchase all your e-liquids from brands that have been around much longer, typically five years or over. Also, check public reviews for more insights into what the company’s previous clients think about their services. And most importantly, check if the e-juice comes with proof of testing by independent laboratories.

Besides quality, a vape oil’s brand may also affect the product’s overall safety. It’s important to note that the global vaping industry isn’t heavily regulated. Therefore, the market attracts all manner of players, including dishonest traders who’re only out to swindle well-meaning buyers. It’s not unusual to end up with e-liquids formulated with potentially toxic ingredients when you purchase these products from brands whose reputation you cannot vouch for.

The following are other reasons why e-juice brand matters a lot;

Brand Reflects On an E-juice Price Tag

There’s a reason why a drink by the Coca-Cola Company might fetch significantly higher than a drink by another less popular company, even if both products contain near-similar ingredients. That’s because Coca-Cola is already a household name.

Now, some vape juice companies may apply the same principle while pricing their products.

E-liquid brands that enjoy considerable popularity will always attract more potential clients. To capitalize on their reputation, such brands may add markups to their product’s final prices. The logic is that a not-so-knowledgeable customer will mostly settle with the biggest name in the industry.

However, note that this aspect of psychological selling can cut both ways. Certain established brands may offer their e-liquids for prices slightly lower than the prevalent market rates. In this case, the logic is that the company would still make substantial profits as there will be more people buying their somewhat affordable products. As a buyer, you’ll need to exercise your best judgment to determine whether the price of an e-juice product is higher or lower based on the brand’s appeal.

Brand Determines a Product’s Shipping Policy

Most vapers prefer to source their e-liquids from online retail outlets, and understandably so. Buying e-juices over the internet allows you to sample a range of products before making a purchase decision. It’s also easier to compare prices across multiple stores. Plus, there’s the convenience of shopping from the comfort of your home or office. Not to mention, it’s the better option for stealth vapers.

But as a vape user, one of the worst shopping mistakes you can ever make is buying e-juices from a brand with an unclear shipping policy.

At the very least, you should prioritize brands that deliver within 1 – 3 working days. This is especially important if you’re traveling with your vape device. Also, remember that the shipping period should count from the point you pay for an e-juice in a company’s online outlet.

Brand Determines Return Policy Too

As you establish a company’s shipping policy, also inquire about their return policy. Basically, understand the conditions under which they accept returns. For instance, do they only accept returns for mislabeled goods? What about damaged products or poor packaging. Also, do their products come with a warranty period? It’s not unusual to order e-juices and then change your mind right after paying for the product at the supplier’s retail outlet.

Most importantly, do they offer a money-back guarantee? Certain companies may purport to have flexible return policies when they still charge you a substantial amount to accept the goods back.


Remember that when it comes to establishing an e-liquid brand’s reputation, it’s important to research both the manufacturer and supplier. This is especially important when purchasing e-juice from a retail outlet. Some retailers are notorious for passing the blame to their respective e-juice manufacturers when taken to task over the quality of their products. To ensure you’re not getting swindled, it would help to take up the matter with the product’s manufacturer. Also, note that vaping is still criminalized in various countries worldwide. So, ensure that your local vaping laws are favorable before using vape juices or other vape accessories.

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