Top 5 Reasons Why Fashion Is Important

Top 5 Reasons Why Fashion Is Important


"Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life." —Bill Cunningham

The power of fashion is one which is quite underrated when it is expressed through words, but every now and then, fashion icons have expressed it with their power of dressing up. But before we go ahead with discussing the reasons to justify why fashion is important, we must understand the term “fashion” itself. Fashion is simply defined as the way we dress up or style ourselves with chic yet comfortable pieces of clothing, accessories and in other such significant ways. However, the basic definition of fashion would remain this. But it is further open to modifications and thought of the other person’s incorporation of the newest trend that leaves the glamour world gushing about it. Let’s now go through this article to know what makes fashion so important for us.

  1. It helps to create the first impression - Often we might have come across the saying, “the first impression is the last impression”, and fashion helps us all to make that “impressionable first impression”. So whether you are in need to impress someone with your personality or with your gifting gesture, make sure to dress up nicely as you meet the other person with some fashionably crafted gift. Otherwise, make sure to trust some online gift store which would offer online gift delivery in Gurgaon or some other XYZ to get your gift delivered to your desirable fashionista-friend. Because, trust us, my dear friend, you fashionably correct another person would not at all like you, otherwise.
  2. It expresses a lot about your creative self - Just the say when you send gifts online to someone expresses your genuine love and thoughtfulness for the person, in the same way, fashion expresses about the creative self in a person. How well one mixes and matches what all colour combination he/she loves to pair up to even what accessory, he/she likes to pair up with his/her attire, everything speaks of fashion. And further it all, speaks of the creative or the artistic side of the person.
  3. It boosts the confidence of a person - Speaking of human psychology, dressing up nicely in a fashionably correct manner makes a person more confident about his/herself. It reflects signs of self-accomplishment in some sense, and that is how it ends up boosting morale or confidence in one.
  4. Brings out the hidden talent in a person - Neither did Audrey Hepburn nor Marcello Mastroianni thought that they would be known for their fashion skills at some point of time. But people start doing fashion as part of their comfort and interest, which later on turns them into a full-time representative of the fashion industry. Many fashion designers, models and actors seemed to start their journey into the fashion world low-key and then gradually as they gave wings to their creativity and hidden talent, they discovered their love for fashion and started making a living out of it.
  5. It keeps the history, tradition and culture alive - The new trends evolve and make a bigger comeback, and that’s how a fashion trend never dies completely. And neither does it lead our older tradition, culture, customs, trends and other such integral parts of our heritage.

So, these were the top 5 of the reasons why fashion is important.

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