Why Lipsticks Are Important  & Why You Should Add Vegan Lipsticks To Your Collection

Why Lipsticks Are Important  & Why You Should Add Vegan Lipsticks To Your Collection


What’s even a pout without some sassy lipstick to make you pop! Boring right? Imagine a world without lipsticks and lip colours! That would be so sad and dull!

But thank Lord! We have to face none of these sad traumas because not only do we have crazy options of lip shades available, we also have crazy lists of brands and types of lipsticks to select from. From moisture to matte and on to liquid mattes...the list is endless and our generation is the luckiest!

Your partner or spouse might frown at the title of this article, but only a girl would know the importance of lipsticks!

Lipstick colors

Lipsticks have had this amazing quality of instantly boosting confidence like none other. And, this is not us just hyping about how awesome lipsticks are, but studies also reveal that women who wore lipstick on important days, felt more confident rather than nervous. Check nude lipsticks.

Try wearing a red lip shade on days when you feel low, trust me, you’re gonna feel so much better than what you were feeling earlier.

Apart from the boost, most lipsticks contain vitamin E, shea butter, marula oil, Moroccan argan oil and so on. And these ingredients are actually awesome for your lip care. It’s like two goals and one ball!

Lipstick on you

Lipsticks also define the shape of your lips, giving your face enhanced precision. The right lip shade will always brighten your face.

Lipsticks also tend to speak a lot about one’s personality. For example, I am sure you might have a box load of lipsticks but then you end up using only those 2-3 shades that you absolutely adore. This means that you are a keeper, and you value the little joys in life!

Now, all this love for lipstick is absolutely great and awesome! But, now the real game-changer comes in... “Are you using the correct type of lipstick?”  That’s right folks!

Most lipsticks that are available in the market are full of harmful chemicals, animal-derived ingredients like squalene (fish scale), carmine (red beetle bugs), pig and camel fat and so on. These aren’t just harmful to your skin, but also extremely bad for your health, because at the end of the day you do end up swallowing a good deal of your lipstick. 

Imagine swallowing all that muck! Okay! Sorry, please don’t imagine lol! So, what’s the solution? Do you stop using lipstick altogether? Absolutely not!

There’s a wonderful option out there and it’s called ‘vegan lipsticks’, yes that’s right! Vegan lipsticks are awesome in quality and absolutely do not compromise their performance with regular lipstick. In fact, it is ten times better than your regular lipsticks because it contains all the perfect ingredients to give you both colour and care.

For instance, vegan lipsticks contain ingredients like sweet almond oil, plant-derived fats, natural mineral colours, shea butter, Moroccan argan oil, marula oil, vitamin E and so on...which means it is perfect for you!

So, next time you go shopping, make sure you are checking the brand and the ingredient list on the products as well!

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