Will There Be A Decrease In Laptop Prices Anytime? [No/Yes?]

Will There Be A Decrease In Laptop Prices Anytime? [No/Yes?]

No blah blah, if you want to get directly an answer, here it is:

‘No! The chances of laptop prices dropping are next to impossible.’

However, there is a 0.1% chance of the price drop. But that’s not confirmed! However, we have some alternatives for you!

If you do not need a laptop with bulky cost and higher features. But you are hunting for a laptop that fulfills your basic requirements, here are the best laptops you can purchase!

However, we will discuss the following topics in this piece of information:

  • What might be the situation where we can see a price drop in laptops?
  • Why do laptop prices keep on increasing?

Let’s start then.

What situations might cause the laptop price to decrease?

Though the chances of laptop price are not in trend, there are some situations where you can expect a lower price.

Here they are:

  • If the model that you want to purchase is not worth the price decided by the manufacturer.
  • If you purchase it from online sales and discounts from bank credit cards.
  • Once the model is out of trend.
  • However, the manufacturing company is shutting down.

These could be some reasons if you see a sudden drop in the price range of the laptops.

You might have also noticed that:

‘The price of a laptop decreases after some time. Once it is launched in the market, its price decreases nearly every 6 months-12 months.’

So, if you are not in a hurry to purchase a laptop, wait for a minimum of 6 months and get the same piece at a lower price.

Why do laptop prices keep on increasing?

As we know that behind any situation, there are multiple factors playing an important role. So here are some factors that are responsible for the laptop price hike.

  • Increase in the demand for laptops.
  • Decrease in the supply of chipsets.
  • Increase in the rates of chips, raw materials used to manufacture a laptop.
  • Increase in taxes.

These are some root causes of the increase in laptop prices.

As soon as the pandemic started, people started working from home. Some companies provide a working device for their employees, while some employees have to manage it by themselves.

Hence, there arose a sudden spike in purchasing laptops and PCs across the market.

To fulfill this demand, manufacturers were not ready with bulk stock as the time was really less.

Hence, the price of available PCs and laptops increased.

Another reason that was recently enlightened in livemint.com:

‘One of the main reasons behind the spark in laptop prices is Chip Shortage.’

Chip shortage is disastrous because:

‘The increase in the semiconductors and other materials used in the chip is also getting expensive.’

As the companies are paying high for these chips, ultimately laptop manufacturing price increases. And we have to pay high prices.

As there are already thin profits that manufacturers are earning, the chances of price reduction are less!

Should I go for a Laptop or a PC?

Did you know?

PCs are generally less expensive than a laptop!

If you are okay with the use of a PC then you can go for it instead of a laptop.

The reason for PCs being less expensive than premium laptops is that they do not provide portability.

If you are required to carry the computing system everywhere, you should avoid PCs and go for a laptop.

But if the situation is vice versa and there is enough space to accommodate a PC in your room, buy it! It is cost-effective.

Cheaper Laptops to purchase [with DISCOUNTS!]

If purchasing a laptop has become a compulsion for you, there are in-budget options available!

If you’re thinking of purchasing a laptop under 30,000 INR, there are varieties of models.

It’s just a matter of how deep knowledge you have about these models. And also how smart you are to select the best for you.

But everyone might not be a technophile like you are. So, we have an easy way to find the best laptop:

We have the top 7 laptops that cost less than 30,000 INR:

  • Avita Essential NE14A2INC433-CR 14 inch laptop
  • HP Chromebook 14a-na0003TU 14” Touchscreen Laptop
  • Acer Extensa 15 Thin & Light 15.6” laptop

Including these three, and the remaining 4 laptops and their purchasing link from Amazon is given here.

There are manufacturers that manufacture laptops at cheaper rates. But not all models achieve success. So, do not forget to compare different models before purchasing.

Our Verdict

We are always on our toes to guide you through any trouble you are facing. Just like selecting the best laptops for you at a cheap price, we can also create similar articles for guiding you.

See you till then and stay tuned with us for the latest updates on different firms. For more details, please check Bestcheck.

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