Windblox Review_Highest Rated Convertible Windscreen

Windblox Review_Highest Rated Convertible Windscreen

About Windblox

Windblox is highest rated as the best convertible windscreen, wind deflector & wind blocker. They are acrylic or Lexan windscreens attached behind the rear seats. Their 5,000-watt laser cutter uniquely leaves all edges smooth and polished. Nobody else cuts windscreens like this.

The shape and outline of Windblox is balanced to the profile of your car for best performance. Their attachment system engineered for tightest grip, hugging windblocker against car for zero movement.

Why choose Windblox?

Mission: Provide the best windscreen at attractive pricing.


  • Windscreens are designed without sacrifice
  • Best materials and production methods


  • unique
  • prototype on their own cars first


  • highest performance possible
  • carefully test performance using their own testing equipment

Excellent customer service

Fast delivery

30 day trial period

Free return

What is a Windblox Convertible Windscreen? Windblox Convertible Windscreens are acrylic or Lexan windscreens attached behind the rear seats.

Why Purchase a Windblox Convertible Windscreen? 

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Shape and design make it most effective at reducing turbulence
  • Thirty-day trial period; return without hassle if not satisfied
  • Laser fabrication provides balance and symmetrical units
  • Your windscreen will last the lifetime of your car

Windblox Convertible Windscreen Philosophy

  • Build best-of-breed products so that our customers may enjoy their great convertible for many years
  • We design our windscreens to our own daily-driver cars
  • Provide customer service beyond expectations

Customers’ reviews

“I experienced a definite decrease in wind noise. They seem most effective at lower speeds, maybe up to 15mph or so. Once you start getting into the 20s, they do diminish the wind noise, but there is still quite a bit residual. If you pull them away from your head a bit, you can see how much they are still doing, but at high speeds don’t expect them to magically get rid of the turbulence.

I found them comfortable such that I never noticed them once I had them on a few minutes. You do need to adjust straps a bit to account for the extra bulk, but no big deal. Highly recommend washing them frequently since they will be sucking up a sweat against your face.” – Matt.

“They block about 75% of the wind noise when I’m riding above 20 mph. Below that speed, they’re even more effective. I always found wind noise to be annoying and almost painful, and these solve that problem. Highly recommended.” – Kelvin.

“They work. I was a little surprised how much wind noise is produced by my ears and the helmet straps until I put these on. I don’t have to crank my headphone volume as high. I can hear cars and road noise easier. They look pretty dorky but their function outweighs that. They are a little intrusive for sunglass fitment. I have to cram them down on the helmet strap to make clearance for the temple arms. But the bottom line remains “they work”.” – Steel Horse.

“Very happy with this. Cuts out a lot of the wind noise. Easy to put on. This brand is less attention-getting than the other brand (Cat Ears) that looks like faux fur and ends ups looking like Elvis’s sideburns.” – John K.

“I wear a hearing aid that amplifies all wind noise when I’m riding my bike. The Wind-Blox cut out almost all of the noise. They are easy to attach to the bike helmet and are very comfortable.” – Jay Leonard.

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