5 Best Woo Commerce CRM Options For Efficient WordPress Stores

5 Best Woo Commerce CRM Options For Efficient WordPress Stores

Christmas, New Year, and a lot of festivities are around the corner. People will rush to shop for clothing, gift items, jewelry, home décor, and much more.

Have you planned to manage this high-traffic time? If not, think now and make the most of this peak season.

Today, I am going to provide a guide to all Woo Commerce business owners. This is the best time to use a woo commerce CRM. This single tool can help you track leads, provide impeccable consumer service, and develop a distinctive business image. I have already sorted out the 5 best CRMs for you. Let’s have a look at them:

  1. Metrilo

If you are planning to start an email marketing campaign before New Year, Metrilo can be the right fit. Yes, 81% of small businesses use email marketing to make a real difference in conversions. I have read this tip while studying about a CRM for real estate.

Furthermore, it can integrate with Shopify and Magento, besides Woo Commerce. Therefore, even if you migrate WooCommerce to Shopify, you can keep Metrilo as is. Metrilo also provides you with the ease of selecting a suitable plan. It offers three plans, which are:

  • Essential plan

It offers analytical features, a dashboard, and insights into the product.

  • Pro plan

It covers the whole essential plan along with individual consumer profiles. Besides this, it offers a centralized database and live tracking.

  • Premium plan

It covers the above pro plan along with email marketing and feedback record.

Some core features of this CRM are:

  • It allows you to manage customers, check analytics, and send emails from a single dashboard.
  • It also provides cart abonnement notifications, email marketing support, segmentation features, etc.
  • It offers personalization and automation.
  • It also covers revenue and sales analysis, product performance analysis, retention rate, etc.
  1. Ninjodo

If simplicity and easy business management are all that you want, try Ninjodo. It will help you manage the high traffic of this season, segregate contacts, and let you stay organized. Furthermore, it offers plans as phases. Once you purchase phase 1, it will encourage you to try the features of phase 2 and experience a business change.

In this way, it lets your business progress as per the phases. If you are a small startup, phase 1, supporting 5 users and 5000 contacts, is enough for you.

Let us check out some of its main features:

  • It offers pre-made email templates and forms for capturing new leads.
  • It is suitable even for the newbies. Many people purchase it because of its how-to guides, tutorials, and ease of use.
  • You can even manage things through a Ninjodo app.
  1. Agile CRM

Agile CRM has many positive reviews and is considered one of the best CRMs. The best part about this tool is its free option for up to 10 users. Yes, smaller organizations can use it for free. Others can purchase a paid plan after testing the initial features of Agile.

Moreover, the Starter plan is easy on the pocket. This CRM divides its features into four broad categories. These include marketing, sales, service, and extras. So, the tool is a complete package for almost all sorts of businesses. From email marketing and lead scoring to data analytics and form building, you will find everything in it.

Some outstanding features of Agile are:

  • Its pricing is cheap; even the premium plan is affordable.
  • It offers a free plan for up to 10 users.
  • It provides complete business solutions under one roof.
  • There are phone and email support options with every plan.
  • It has one of the strongest email marketing features like pre-made templates, automation, social media tracking, page builder, etc.
  1. Sales AutoPilot for Woo Commerce

Having a built-in technology, this standalone CRM can seamlessly integrate with Woo Commerce. If you are targeting a huge market this year, you can feel free to try out this tool. Sales AutoPilot supports businesses of every size. However, the cost will depend on the number of emails.

Besides providing email service, landing pages, and helpdesk, it also gives an option of SMS marketing. Here is the list of its main features:

  • It has a distinction of having affiliate tracking and SMS marketing.
  • It has the option of setting membership sites at various levels.
  • It offers easy integration of Woo Commerce. You just need to copy a code, and you are done.
  • It provides a payment collecting option for receiving online payments.
  • It can easily integrate with well-known billing software.
  1. WP-CRM System

This free WordPress plugin is available in multiple languages. There is a premium extension option for Woo Commerce. It costs $199/package, but there is no limit on the records. You can have as many contacts as you want.

Features of this tool are listed below:

  • It provides an instant view of history from the contact profile.
  • It has a commendable support system.
  • It automatically creates a contact if a new customer purchases something from the store.
  • There is a wide range of premium options like Slack notifications, Zendesk integration, invoicing, etc.

Final Words

All in all, this is the best time to use a CRM for your WordPress store. Depending on your business nature, users, and traffic, select a suitable CRM from the above list. Grab the opportunity of targeting maximum customers in this holiday season and grow your business!

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