Basics Of Writing An Effective Research Paper

Basics Of Writing An Effective Research Paper

A research paper's importance depends on the work you are addressing, and research is often conducted either through the qualitative or quantitative approach. For instance, the qualitative approach can be analytical, and what it involves is that you are focused on a specific argument which you must inform the audience about.

On the other hand, if it is quantitative research, the study's significance is to assess the importance of the experimental procedure the analysis is based on. You must know the relevance of the research paper you are working on before writing. Most importantly, there's a specific format the research paper adopts that will make it practical and easy to read. Writing significant research work has always been a challenge that most students find nearly impossible to undertake, and that's why most of them prefer buying a college essay.

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What is a Research Paper?

A research paper is an academic write-up mostly done in the form of a "long essay" in the university to give students an insight on how to research the literary world. By the way, if you are looking for a good service to order an essay, you can check writemyessayonline review to dispel any doubts that this is a reliable website. You can publish your research works in journals after they've been reviewed by peers and other professionals relevant to the field on which your research is based. For a research paper to be effective, it must contain theoretical and significant data and must also include a short statement known as thesis and arguments from reliable literature.

Students have always been intimidated by research papers, mostly due to a lack of proper planning. Apart from this, research papers are challenging because of the intensive research they require. Before writing, do these crucial things for easy breakdown and writing.

Have a Precise Topic and Figure out What You Are Addressing

Having a topic before writing is akin to laying a foundation before building. Beforehand, there must have been a problem you have cited which you want to address; this problem which you have noted will give you insights on how to structure your work accordingly for easy understanding.

Gather Enough Literature Contents

The word "research" means you are working on an already existing problem in society. Still, you address whatever factor might have emerged from the current issue and contribute something new to the knowledge.

For instance, in the Philosophy department, your submission at the end of the research work is often referred to as "Contribution to Knowledge," which is your point of view, either appraising or proffering a solution. If you're in search of more knowledge, you'll find a lot of authors on Wikipedia whose works can aid your quest a great deal.

These are two things mentioned that will make your work effective because it has already provided you an insight to what you are working on. Here are the writing steps to make your research work easy and simply grasped by whoever may be reading, and they may be useful if you are looking for a guide on how to write a fashion review.

Background to the Study/Introduction

Some write it as "Background to the Study," while others call it "Introduction," however, both serve the same purpose: introducing the essence of your work to the reader. It could also summarize how your research is being carried out, what should be expected, your arguments, and your final submission to the debate. As much as it is an introduction, it requires wisdom because your introduction must capture your reader's interest and make them keen to learn more.

From there, you can begin to build on what you intend to do. You can continue to explain how America has been able to practice democracy better than any country and then discuss the mail-in ballot issue. Also, explain how you plan to argue your point and give a hint of what your final submission would be.

Statement of Problem

This is the driving force that led to your research. The problem has been cited, which the researcher wants to address in a nutshell; the problem statement gives birth to every research work.


The thesis is a clear and sharp statement that usually provides the reader with a concise summary of the researcher's central claim in the research work.

Statement of purpose

As the statement connotes, it is the purpose of your research work that you intend to achieve, and it is often written in the form of a conclusion at the end of your write-up.


This involves the methods you employ during your research. Your research can be done through analysis, comparative, or appraisal; as long as it makes your work easy and relevant to your intended goals, any method can be used.

Literature Review

This is the body of literature you have consulted to provide an insightful discussion of your work as a researcher. The literature reviews are essential in any research because it shows evidence you have genuinely researched.

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This is where you get to present your arguments along with the body of work and analysis or comparisons you have done. The discussion is where the reader understands what your points of view are, and you must end with a conclusion to make your position clearer to the reader.


It consists of books you have referenced for your work, and they are often listed in a numerical arrangement. The reason for citation is to be free from the accusation of academic theft. There are different citation styles, and it is crucial to know the citation format required for your work, especially if you are submitting it for a journal publication.

To crown it all, if you manage to follow these steps in writing your research work, you will discover that it is not difficult to impress your professor.

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