Review: Yoyo Chinese Online Courses – Is It Worthwhile To Try?

Review: Yoyo Chinese Online Courses – Is It Worthwhile To Try?

I remember when first started learning Chinese, there was a bunch of difficult and challenging things I had been facing from the material, grammar, pronunciation,…To be honest, I had many times nearly giving up, then one day – the day has changed my Chinese learning journey so much. I was searching for some information to help tackle some of the more challenging aspects of Chinese, like tones. In my search, I stumbled across Yoyo Chinese tutorial videos and they are beyond great. From this moment, I find this is the course that I looking for so long.
One beautiful thing that I could tell you, Yoyo Chinese has dramatically grown in the quality and quantity within 3 years since I first started the course. But the most important element is they remain the best thing and take it to the higher level to move you forward in your achieving the success in learning Chinese.
Now let’s see what makes YoYo Chinese be one of the best online Course.

What is Yoyo Chinese?

Yoyo Chinese Online Course

Yoyo Chinese is an online Chinese language education company focused on using clearly-explained videos to teach Chinese to students from all over the world.

With the mission of connecting the world with everything Chinese, Yoyo Chinese themselves bringvaluable and productive lesson for all wishing to be smooth and fluent at Chinese.

Outstanding features will blow your mind at Yoyo Chinese

Where they started

At first, the founder of Yoyo Chinese aimed with nothing, but after posting her first Mandarin lesson on Yoyo Chinese Youtube which later went viral, she started the idea of Yoyo Chinese.

Where they are now

With 8 million lessons delivered to over 120,000 students worldwide, Yoyo Chinese is debunking the myth that Chinese is too difficult to learn with one lesson at a time.

Where they’re going

They are becoming the central hub for connecting the world with everything Chinese. Whether it’s kung fu or kung pao chicken, if it’s Chinese, it’s happening here at Yoyo Chinese.

With over 600 video lessons, from basic level to advance based on Pinyin chart, Yoyo Chinese will be your company in conquering the learning Chinese Journey. As an easy-to-use mobile app, you will be convinced by the simple but powerful of Yoyo Chinese.

Yoyo Chinese Quick Reviews


Video lessons and interactive quizzes are very well done.


The content is explained very clearly and covers a wide range of topics.


The course bundles help to lower the price.

What I like

The way Yangyang explains the content makes it super easy to understand.

The courses are structured very well, with less English spoken as you move up levels.

The combination of real-life Chinese as it’s spoken on the street with more ‘correct’ Chinese.

High-quality videos with lots of useful extras to practice what you’ve learned.

What I don’t like

The lessons definitely use more English compared with equivalent levels of other resources.

There are other resources I prefer over the Chinese Characters courses.

Conversational Courses Reviews

Beginners Course
You are a beginner like me as I first started to learn Chinese, this course will complete your basic level. After completing this course, you should be able to communicate in China and get around making some new Chinese friends.

Intermediate Course
The Intermediate Conversational Course follows the beginner course and will take you past the basics. This is approximately equivalent to the HSK 3 and HSK 4 levels. After completing this course you’ll be able to communicate much easier with people in China, but you’ll still have to continue to enhance your level.

Upper Intermediate Course
The Upper Intermediate Conversational Course will get you to where you can follow natural conversations, communicate complex ideas, and generally form relationships in Chinese. The material covered would be about equivalent to the HSK 4 and HSK 5 levels.


They have a youtube channel with many great tutorial videos making your studying much more effective and powerful!

The videos will break down the topic very clearly. She explains the vocabulary and sentence structures needed to understand the key point of the lesson. Often times, she’ll explain things using the literal translation which may make things easier to understand. She breaks everything down into smaller chunks that are easy to comprehend.

Overall, I really enjoy the video lessons. One point that I really love from Yoyo Chinese is that they’re short enough that you can quickly learn something new and engaging enough that you don’t get bored and give up on studying. Everything you learn in the videos will be reinforced in the upcoming activities.
You can reach out their youtube channel to get more experience as well as learn some useful information.

Audio Review

When you finished your videos, there will be an audio review of the content covered in the preceding video. This will be great for you to remember vocabulary and sentence structures you just learned. This is going to be awesome for you to train your speaking by saying out loud what you learned in the tutorial videos. This can be anywhere from around 6 minutes long to over 20 minutes.

Speaking Practice

In pronunciation practice, there will be 10 questions interactive quiz which decide your point from 0-10. Make sure that you practice carefully watching tutorial videos before. the question is divided into some types: matching, listening, and translations. A thing I’m sure that you will love it so much is that many of question also have wrong answers that are close to the right one, that would make the answers much more clear and you can totally understand it!

This makes the quizzes much more difficult requiring you to actually know your stuff. There is also the option to use pinyin or Simplified Chinese Characters for the quiz questions and answers.

Slow Pace

Learning a new language is not like you to learn a subject, it’s a journey and it’s going to take a long time practice. Yoyo Chinese moves at a somewhat slow pace. This isn’t necessarily good or bad, but it’s worth mentioning. The material for learning is covered very thoroughly. For each lesson, you’ll have the material drilled into your mind several times. By the time you watch the video, make sure you have audio review along, speaking practice, and take the quiz, it would be easier to follow the content in and out.
You’re going to take 6 months of studying for 30 minutes per day and 6 days a week.

Consistency is an essential element for anyone who wants to be good at any language especially a difficult one like Chinese.
I appreciate the fact that they don’t make any unrealistic claims of making you fluent in a short period of time. Instead, they focus on the importance of a regular study schedule.


There are some extra useful parts to these Yoyo Chinese courses that fall outside of each lesson.


It’s up to the way each person practice to remember vocabularies, but in my case, this material is necessary to learn a language without being bored and overwhelmed. You can use these to review words and sentences you’ve learned from previous lessons. You can change the level and the type of them based on the course, unit, or lessons.

They will come up for review periodically and you can set your favorite words. I highly recommend you to use Anki (can download files) or Pleco for review, but I can see why people would like to review directly on the website. It’s much more convenient.

Yoyo Chinese Pinyin Chart

You can find out many online pinyin charts to have the reference to learn or review the sounds of Mandarin. I can say the Yoyo Chinese Pinyin is the best one. All so the terms Yoyo Chinese Pinyin is searched with large numbers on the Internet. It’s great video explanations making it easier for English speakers to practice pronunciation.

My Opinion of the Conversational Courses

With a real experience of learning many languages especially Chinese.

With a real experience of learning many languages especially Chinese with Yoyo Chinese Online Course, I really want more people to get to know it. From a learner from the beginning to become a confident Chinese speaker as now, I believe that you can do it with Yoyo Chinese. If I can do, you can do it. Learning a new language is not a purpose, it is a long journey that you should be better enjoy it instead of forcing yourself to do it. Enjoy yourself.


Yoyo Chinese Review

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