Yoyo Chinese Review

Yoyo Chinese Review

There are actually not many Chinese language courses in the market that provide you with the ability to study Mandarin by yourself like Yoyo Chinese.

Yoyo Chinese is considered as one of the best online Chinese study platforms to be honest. There are several different courses that are designed for different language levels, which is absolutely suitable for the needs of all language learners.

Brief introduction

Yoyo Chinese is a company providing online education Chinese language courses with lots of supporting tools ranging from audio supplements, video lessons, quizzes and flashcards. The conpany was founded by Yangyang Cheng, who has always been and educator at heart. She used to teach Chinese to MBA students at the University of Pepperdine and is currently following her passion by teaching Mandarin on Yoyo Chinese.

Studying at Yoyo Chinese

After signing up, there are 6 main courses for you to choose based on your level:

Beginner Conversational courses

Chinese Characters

Intermediate Conversational courses

Chinese Characters 2

Upper Intermediate Conversational courses

Chinese Character Reader

Yangyang is one of the top experts in guiding you to start learning Chinese language. You can rest assured that her excellent explaintation is always helpful and easy to understand, especially when you have problems with Chinese word order.

These practical courses are particularly focused on spoken Chinese, which helps you get the quickest access to acquiring a new laguage. We all soon get tired of too long videos. Understanding that fact, Yangyang skillfully designed just under 10-minute-video lessons, so that you won’t lost your motivation of learning this beautiful language. Furthermore, you can always learn without Internet connection as long as you download the audio. And you don’t have to worry about your progress because it will be automatically saved.

Yoyo Chinese is absolutely perfect for those who want to learn the language independently as it provides the most comprehensive explaintation possible. You can follow a sequential process or just study the courses seperately, it’s up to you.

One special thing is the speakers at Chinese Yoyo lessons are 100% real natives who are not actors, so you can speak Mandarin in the most natural way.

Every Chinese learners should choose Yoyo Chinese at the very beginning. Yoyo Chinese offers proper structures and lessons that are broken down into easily understanable chunks.

In short, who should you Yoyo Chinese?

All in all, the meticulous system of lessons at Yoyo Chinese is impressive. The course avatars are even designed as Chinese Zodiac animals, which makes learners find studying time more fun but without taking away their concentration.

We highly recommend Yoyo Chinese for anyone who wishes to set their own pace of learning.

Yoyo Chinese website: https://yoyochinese.com/


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