ZampleBox Review: The Best Subscription Box For Vaping Fans

ZampleBox Review: The Best Subscription Box For Vaping Fans

About ZampleBox

At ZampleBox, ZampleBox community is the first priority and a product is the second. Everything they do revolves around improving the quality of life for their international family of vapers. When you subscribe to ZampleBox, you not only receive a box of the best vaping liquids at 67% off retail prices, you help change the world by helping more people switch to vaping.

Things you would love at ZampleBox

Ability To Customize Your Box

Zamplebox really lets you tweak each and every little aspect about the box that you receive each month. Being able to select your vaping experience, flavour categories you like, and how much nicotine you enjoy all create for a very well-thought out and personalized service.

Great Discounts

Vaping is extremely more affordable than using traditional cigarettes (not to mention a whole lot healthier), but if you are someone that vapes quite a lot, shelling out money for new e-juices and liquids all the time can get very expensive very quickly.

Being able to save 40% or 60% on your liquids is extremely enticing, and honestly, this might be reason enough on its own for some people to join the service.

Great-Tasting E-Juices

Zamplebox has partnered with a lot more brands and companies since it first launched, and the combination of both this and the ability to choose the flavour profile that you would like to receive for your liquids means receiving some really great tastes each and every month.

There are lots of flavours there without them ever being overpowering, and the ability to choose exactly what kind of flavours you’d like to receive is a small, yet very powerful addition.

Zamplebox customer reviews

This place is awesome. I’ve had some really good e juices come from the zamplebox. I actually found a few new favorites from these guys that I regularly buy now.

I am Canadian and my order was here in 7 days. Got exactly what I wanted the exchange sucks but still so much cheaper to get it. My kids (all over 18) loved the box I got. Fought over which juice they should use first. I have told lots of people about you!!! Can’t wait to see what surprises I get next !!!

I got my first box in the mail last month and I was so impressed with the packaging and the juice flavors. It’s such an awesome experience to pick out what flavors juice you like and don’t like and get surprised with something each month. The best part is that it’s not expensive and you can buy the juice wholesale on the sight!

These guys get it right every time! They ask what you like and let you make some choices, then they surprise you with new flavors that I wouldn’t even think to try but love! All for about the same price I would pay in the store to! Nothing short of outstanding!

Best e-liquid selection and best customer support made my vaping experience better with selecting new flavors for me and sending them fast.


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