A Review Of ZENMED Best Sellers: How Much Is ZENMED Worth?

A Review Of ZENMED Best Sellers: How Much Is ZENMED Worth?

ZENMED is a skin care brand offering products that have the ability to open pores and reverse the skin’s discolouration. Their products are also specialised in replenishing healthy bacteria in the fight inflammation and digestive tract. In this article, we review some of the top-selling products at ZENMED and you can consider whether they’re worth buying yourself.

ZENMED Facial Cleansing Gel

This ZENMED’s Facial Cleansing Gel works perfect for oily skin and for sensitive skin, it’s possibly problematic. This product is absolutely OK for non-sensitive oily skin. But it’s not created for the skin that has problems such as contact dermatitis, rosacea, eczema.

There’s one problem with the Gel is that its botanicals can trigger allergic reactions to some people. These botanicals include balsam tolu, yarrow, geranium oil, essential oil of lavender, and essential oil of tangerine.

ZENMED Skin Eraser Kit

Zenmed’s Skin Eraser is intended to be used to remove the reminders of acne after it has healed, the brown spots and scars that are especially noticeable on brown or Asian skin. The instructions say to spread a fine layer of Skin Eraser on the skin every morning and then to use sun protection when going out.

Skin Eraser actually works more like a moisturizer. It will help bring out the depth of colours in natural skin tones, and this makes scars and brown spots less noticeable. You can’t do with a much less expensive moisturizer.

ZENMED Support Serum Double Pack

Zenmed’s Support Serum can relieve redness caused by rosacea quickly. When rosacea is caused by a stomach infection with the bacteria that also cause ulcers or a skin infection with tiny Demodex mites, this product can help.

ZENMED Anti-Redness Mask for Rosacea Relief

This product is included in several kits for treating rosacea and it is available for sale by itself.

The anti-redness mask contains aloe, chamomile, and kelp, which relieve the sensitivity of the skin. Like most treatments for acne, some people get great results from using it and others do not get any results at all, but there are no ingredients in this product that can harm the skin—which is something that cannot be said of most acne products on the market.

Zenmed is known for the ethical treatment of its customers. You won’t be rebilled month after month. Zenmed believes that its products work well enough that you will order them when you want them. And Zenmed products come with a 60-day guarantee.



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