Zungle’s Smart Sunglasses Review

Zungle’s Smart Sunglasses Review

I am here to share my review on Jungle Sunglasses. These wearable sunglasses offer the best of both worlds-convenience and connection in a way that allows you to be present with your music as well as your surrounding. They may not be the most fashionable eyeglasses, but the smart V2 Viper sunglasses of Zungle are a great ideal if you want your smart assistant to whisper in your ear.

Compared to the first generation product of Zungle Parther, Zunglehas released its second products Zunggle Viper & Lynx that is improvedversion and successor of the Zungle Parther bone conduction sunglasses and haveaccepted huge popularity both online and offline at producing smart audioglasses, we can safely say that they corrected the wrong they did with theirfirst disastrous release. When speaking more specifically, it has the abilityto transmit advanced sound by using a bone conduction position that moves fromthe tip of the foot to the middle of the leg. Bone conduction technology letsyour ears free and creates a unique and safe sound experience allowing you tohear your surroundings.

These sunglasses connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth 5.0 justlike wireless headphones helping you can listen to music, answer calls and useyour phone’s other features while it stays safely tucked away in your pocket.In addition, it is sweat and light rain resistant and UV protection as expectedfrom bone conduction sunglasses

You’ll find the tiny volume buttons on the glasses’ left armconvenient for you can answer an incoming call by simply pushing a small buttonat the right leg of the bone conduction sunglasses. The music stops and whenyou push the button again the phone call is suspended, and you can listen toyour music again. It’s as simple as that and it works as it should work. Noissues experienced here.

Maybe the most important aspect of sunglasses also referred to as musicsunglasses is the quality of the sound. Music sounds harsh while lacking bass,which is likely to disappoint people who care about sound quality. The soundwas clear with a nice bass and my partner confirmed to me the sound leakage wasminimal at low-medium volume (at higher volum there is still clear soundleakage – sth to still enhance in a next version). So it seems Zungle did aquite good job to enhance this aspect.

Zungle has developed the dual-spring bone conduction speaker systemto create a clear and powerful sound delivery. When you call outside with yourwife or your daughter the voices where clear and well understandable. Even atfull volume, voices are all but drowned out of by the rushing wind if you’redriving with the window down. However, like the same thing applies to otherbone conduction devices, there is also more sound leakage when you increase thevolume to the max. The new location of the speaker system is located near theear temple and in front of the ear and on the skull also plays an importantrole in the enhanced sound quality I believe.

First of all, Alongside the volume controls on the left arm is a tiny AI button, which calls up Siri on an iPhone or Google Assistant on Android. the Viper allows you to pick up phone calls and answer them, when connected via Bluetooth of course, without having to grab your smartphone, even offering spoken directions when you’re on the move. Plus you can dictate messages and have your phone read aloud the replies.

First of all,Alongside the volume controls on the left arm is a tinyAI button, which calls up Siri on an iPhone or Google Assistant on Android. Nowyour phone’s smart assistant can answer all your tricky questions while you’rewalking down the street or sitting behind the wheel, even offering spokendirections when you’re on the move. Another feature that caught my eye whenreading the manual was the AI Voice Assistance.It can help you that can dictatemessages and have your phone read aloud the replies.

At this point, the fact the glasses don’t block out ambient noisecan be a plus, so you’re not lost in your own world when you’re crossing theroad.

The battery is good for up to four hours, and they charge via aspecial dual USB cable which connects to both arms. While they’re charging the word‘Zungle’ glows on each arm, which looks a bit naff, but thankfully doesn’thappen while you’re wearing them.

Although the orange reflective tint that comes standard with theblack glasses might be a bit ostentatious for some, the lenses are replaceableand different colours sold separately. The frame is available in black, whiteor grey and you can order different frames and different types of lenses theycan match every colour and every piece of clothing you wear

If you are intending to replace your old sunglasses this summer,Zungle Viper is a perfect choice for a fashionable and safe audio device.Atlhough the sound leakage is noticeable at higher volume (sth to still enhancewith a next version), the Zungle Viper bone conduction sunglasses or music sunglassesoverall meet my desires and up until now I am a satisfied user.

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