Inside The Salon: Richard Dalton Recalls His Special Bond With Princess Diana Through Her Iconic Hair

Inside The Salon: Richard Dalton Recalls His Special Bond With Princess Diana Through Her Iconic Hair

As a lifelong hairdresser, I was fascinated to learn new insights about Princess Diana's iconic locks from her trusted stylist Richard Dalton. At a panel discussing Diana's beauty looks, Dalton shared some sweet anecdotes about doing more than just Diana's hair - he also had the privilege of cutting Prince William and Harry's hair as children.

Dalton divulged that little William truly seemed to enjoy his trips to the salon chair. While getting styled must have meant sitting still, Dalton said William would eagerly set up a view of the TV, hinting he liked the distraction. As a fellow hair pro, I can understand the charms of the salon for a kid - it's a novel change of scenery. But it was also sweet to think William associated it with a reward of extra viewing time.

Listening to Richard Dalton describe his close working relationship with Princess Diana gave fascinating insights into her glamorous lifestyle as a royal. As her personal hairstylist, Dalton was tasked with styling Diana's hair multiple times each day to accompany her busy schedule of public engagements. Though the work required precision, Dalton reflected fondly on their time together, recalling their partnership was also filled with lighthearted fun.

Through Dalton's devoted service, he gained unique familiarity with Diana's locks, whether globetrotting with her on overseas tours or visiting more casually at Windsor Castle. I admired how Dalton highlighted Diana's sense of adventure, like when they creatively wore her pearl necklace as an impromptu headband. This creative moment showcased Diana's willingness to experiment with bold fashion statements.

Hearing firsthand accounts from Dalton, who knew Diana's hair inside and out, provided a glimpse into the glamour of royal routines usually kept private. It was touching to see how much trust Diana placed in Dalton to flawlessly execute her constantly changing looks. His recollections also indicated the children felt at ease around Dalton during their hair appointments. Overall, Dalton's fond reflections beautifully showcased Diana's charm, beauty, and spirit in a personal way that transcripts alone could never capture.

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