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Luhan's iconic black hair has been a staple of his look since his debut in 2012. However, it was in 2013 that Luhan truly mastered the art of rocking black hair, making it his signature style. From sleek and straight to textured and tousled, Luhan experimented with different styles and proved that black hair can be versatile and stylish. In this Toplist article, we'll take a closer look at some of the best Luhan black hair moments of 2013 that will leave you in awe.

Luhan's Black Hair Styles in 2013

Luhan, former member of popular K-pop group EXO, is known for his versatile style and stunning visuals. One of the many looks that fans have fallen in love with is his black hair. In 2013, Luhan rocked various black hair styles that left fans swooning. Let's take a look at his top 10 black hair looks of 2013.

Luhan's Black Hair Styles in 2013 1. Luhan's Sleek and Straight Black Hair 2. Luhan's Messy Bedhead Black Hair 3. Luhan's Side-Swept Black Hair 4. Luhan's Wavy Black Hair 5. Luhan's Textured Black Hair 6. Luhan's Half-Up Half-Down Black Hair 7. Luhan's Ponytail Black Hair 8. Luhan's Faux Hawk Black Hair 9. Luhan's Slicked Back Black Hair 10. Luhan's Mohawk Black Hair

The Evolution of Luhan's Iconic Black Hair in 2013

luhan black hair 2013

The Beginning of a Signature Look

luhan black hair 2013 In 2013, one name dominated the K-pop scene – Luhan. His boyish charm and captivating vocals captured the hearts of fans all over the world. But it wasn't just his talent that made him stand out, it was also his ever-changing hairstyles. Among all his looks, one stood out the most – his black hair. This hair color became synonymous with Luhan and solidified his status as a style icon in the industry.

A Bold and Edgy Choice

luhan black hair 2013 In 2013, Luhan surprised fans by ditching his usual light-colored hair for a daring black dye. This was a bold move, considering that most K-pop artists at the time stuck to more traditional hair colors like brown or blonde. But Luhan's choice paid off, as his black hair instantly gave him a more edgy and mature look, setting him apart from his peers.

The Versatility of Black Hair

luhan black hair 2013 One of the reasons why Luhan's black hair became such an iconic look in 2013 was its versatility. He could style it in various ways – from a sleek and straight look to a messy and textured one. This gave him the freedom to experiment with his hairstyles, keeping fans on their toes and always wanting more.

Influence on House Design

luhan black hair 2013 Luhan's black hair also had a significant influence on house design trends in 2013. Its sleek and modern look inspired many interior designers to incorporate black elements into their designs. From black furniture to black accent walls, this hair color became a popular choice for adding depth and sophistication to any living space.

The Legacy of Luhan's Black Hair

luhan black hair 2013 Fast forward to present day, and Luhan's black hair is still a beloved look among fans. It has become a timeless and iconic style that is often referenced in pop culture and fashion. And while Luhan has since changed his hair color, his black hair in 2013 will always hold a special place in the hearts of his fans and continue to inspire new trends in house design.