Top 11 Best Baseball Haircut

Emily Roberts

Last updated: November 1, 2023

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Are you looking for a way to improve your baseball look? The haircut is an essential part of it. If you want to make an impression on and off the field, it's time to check out the Top 11 best baseball hairstyles. These stylish haircuts have been carefully picked to meet your on-field needs. From trendiest short hair cuts to the most diverse and versatile, you'll find the style that suits you best. All you have to do is decide which one is best for you.

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A classic go-to haircut for athletes and sports fans alike, the short cut with a drop fade is the perfect combination of edgy and chic. The best part of this cut is that it looks great on all hair types and can be tailored to any individual’s face and hairstyle. It’s easy to see why this look is a popular choice for athletes and sports fans alike!

Drop Fade: The Drop Fade ...



25 Reviews

If you're looking for a stylish and sophisticated way to show off your favorite baseball team, the taper fade haircut is a great option. Inspired by the classic hombre hair trend, the taper fade haircut combines a fade with an uneven hair length for a look that’s modern and trendy. In order to get the taper fade haircut right, it’s important ...


Long hair has been a signature style for many professional baseball players. While it was once seen as a rebellious look, today having long hair is no longer uncommon in the MLB. Paired with an undercut, long hair can be a great way to make a statement and stand out from the crowd.

When it comes to long hair and an undercut, several different styles are ...



79 Reviews

The deep side part haircut is a classic style of men's hairstyle that has been popular for years. This haircut is characterized by a heavy part that runs from the crown to the nape of the neck. It is a great choice for men who are looking for a classic, timeless look. The deep side part can be combined with other styles, such as a taper, fade, or even spikes, to create a style that is uniquely your own.


The undercut with comb over and beard look is a classic choice for baseball players looking to make a fashion statement with their hairstyles. The style is defined by a shorter buzzed undercut on the sides and back of the head, with a longer comb over section that is styled neatly and combed downwards. This look is further enhanced by beard growth along the jawline ...


Want to look your best hitting a home run on the field? Look no further than the faux hawk with short mullet. It’s a great way to slay the game, and leave a lasting impression with the ladies in the stands. If you’re searching for a haircut that’s edgy and fun, this one will turn you into a certified heart-stealer.

Why Should You Try Out a Faux Hawk With Short Mullet?

First, ...



83 Reviews

With a classic style and modern vibe, the retro ducktail baseball haircut has been making a comeback these last few years. With its signature style that resembles the shape of a duck’s tail, the retro ducktail is a throwback combination of variations of the slickback and side-part haircuts. With its unique edgy look, this classic style is sure to be a timeless look.

This style involves short ...


Nothing hints at class and sophistication like a classic crew cut swept with highlights. With the current trend of wanting low fade edges to shape your haircut, this style is a great option. To achieve the crew cut low fade and highlights look, ask your barber to use clippers to give you a grade two on the back and sides. The top should be left a little longer. With a subtle comb over, your barber will leave you feeling refreshed and stylish.

The low fade is a great way ...


Nothing says "youthful" quite like the classic mullet. With the top styled long, resembling the classic mullet, and the sides and back buzzed and faded, this look is modern, edgy, and that perfect balance of wild and classy. The modern mullet with faded sides is a great way for baseball players to show off their style with confidence.

The best part about this style is ...


Buzz cut

67 Reviews

A buzz cut is a timeless look when it comes to men’s haircuts. It is a hairstyle that can be appropriate for many occasions, both professional and casual. The buzz cut involves cutting hair all around the head to one length using electric clippers. This creates a neat and smart look for clean-cut guys and those looking for a no nonsense style.

There are many different types of buzz cuts and most are highly versatile. If you have straight hair, a buzz cut will look neat and tidy with ...

Buzz cut


26 Reviews

Are you looking for a great new hairstyle? The flow hair trend has become increasingly popular, especially among baseball players, for its ability to make any hair type look stylish and hip. If you’re interested in giving the flow haircut a try, read on to find out more about what it is and how to style it.

The flow haircut, also known as the flow cut or the long flop, is a style of haircut where the hair ...


Final Thought

No matter what style suits you, there's no shame in experimenting to create a look that expresses your personality! Having the right baseball hairstyle is all about making a sartorial statement - and having the courage to take a risk.

The Top 11 best baseball haircut is a great place to start. Now that you’re inspired, time to break out the clippers and get creative. Try something outside of your comfort zone and enjoy the change of pace.

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