Top 10 Best Black Hair Stylist In Detroit

Emily Roberts

Last updated: November 27, 2023

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Are you looking for the best black hair stylist in Detroit? Look no more! We’ve compiled a list of top 10 hair professionals in the Motor City that specialize in ethnic hair care. All the stylists on this list are easy to book, highly experienced, and come with stellar reviews from their clients. Whether it’s for dreadlocks, twisted styles, or natural looks, these beauty professionals guarantee beautiful, healthy hair while enhancing your own individual style.

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Taking the top spot is Jazmine Watson hair stylist in Detroit with over 10 years of experience providing exceptional hair-styling experience. Watson is an expert in the field. She specializes in black hairstyles and intricate braiding techniques. Her loyal customer base can attest to her skill set, with plenty of repeat business. Whether you’re looking for something creative or something more tame, Watson is the go-to option for getting the perfect cut and style.

From wedding hairstyles to everyday braiding, Watson is the ...

Jazmine Watson at Queen Cutiez

Holding down the second spot is Meet Larhonda Brown, a confident hair stylist and creative entrepreneur from Detroit, Michigan. As the owner of the popular Hair by Design salon, Larhonda has been dubbed one of the best black hair stylists in Detroit. Her work has been featured in international magazines, and since inception, she has become a force in the hair styling industry.

Having ...

Larhonda Brown at Hair by Design

Alanna Foster is a highly-respected hair stylist at the Couture Hair Studio in Detroit, Michigan. With over 10 years of experience, she is one of the top black hair stylists in Detroit. Alanna specializes in a variety of services, including extensions, weaves, blowouts, color, relaxers, and haircuts. Her goal is always to bring out the best in her clients. Alanna's unique approach to hair care is to create a look that is both stylish yet sophisticated.

Alanna Foster ...

Alanna Foster at Couture Hair Studio

When it comes to finding the best black hair stylists in Detroit, it's hard for others to stand out more than Carrie Langford at Couture Hair Designs. With a passion for styling, cutting, and coloring beautiful African-American hair, Carrie works to bring out the best in everyone she encounters.

Carrie has devoted her time and energy to perfecting her craft, and she now stands out as one ...

Carrie Langford at Couture Hair Designs

Angela Harris, proprietor of Hair by Ala, is an acclaimed and well-respected stylist and expert in natural hair. She is widely recognized for her skill at transforming traditional and natural African-American hair into beautiful and customized styles. From weaves, braids, and locks, Angela can create them all with ease and precision.

Angela is deeply committed to achieving the most beautiful and quality results for her clients. She has an eye ...

Angela Harris at Hair by Ala

With an eye for detail and a flair for creating stunning looks, Stacy Wright at Fly Guyz is the go-to stylist for Detroit’s trendiest clientele. At Fly Guyz, Stacy creates looks for her clients that combine bold statements with subtle sophistication. Whether you are looking for a stunningly sleek ponytail or intricate braids, Stacy is the one-stop-shop for black hair care. She offers a wide range of services from haircuts and styling to color treatments and extensions. Stacy is a master ...

Stacy Wright at Fly Guyz

Demetria Williams is an exceptionally talented hairstylist and the owner of the Detroit Hairwerks salon. As one of the most popular and sought after salons in Detroit, Demetria and her team specialize in providing quality services while also spreading positivity and fresh style ideas to her customers.

Demetria began her career at a young age and has since perfected ...

Demetria Williams at Detroit Hairwerks

Fashion mavens in search of chic and trendy styles need look no further than Tai Collins’ A Touch of Klass. A renowned hairstylist in the Detroit area, Tai has over 12 years of experience in perfecting hair care and styling. She is a veteran of the beauty game and knows what it takes to make her clients look their absolute best. Whether someone needs a complete makeover or a special touch, Tai is sure to your hair dreams.

Tai specializes in ...

Tai Collins at A Touch of Klass

Known for her bold and beautiful hair styling, Ashley Reed has made a name for herself as one of the best Black hair stylists in Detroit. She runs her own salon, Reed's Clip Joint, and has gained an impressive clientele in the city. From vibrant and eye-catching bobs to statement-making pixie cuts, Ashley has a keen eye for crafting the perfect hairstyle for each and every customer. She also ...

Ashley Reed at Reed's Clip Joint

Last but not least, Diane Johnson, hairstylist and makeup artist extraordinaire, extends Detroit’s beauty industry with a cutting-edge style at Hair by Diane. Focusing on African-American and multi-cultural clientele, this studio creates classic and modern hairstyles utilizing Donna Bella’s Kera-Link hair extensions. At Hair by Diane, all clients experience a personal and dignified approach to extraordinary beauty.

Ms. Johnson creates manicured cuts, colors, blowouts, twist-outs, weaves ...

Diane Johnson at Hair by Diane

Final Thought

In conclusion, the city of Detroit is full of talented and amazing hair stylists. The Top 10 Best Black Hair Stylists in the city have proven themselves to be some of the best in the game. All of these amazing stylists know how to accomplish a perfect look, so if you’re ever in Detroit and you want a new ‘do, look no further than these professionals. You’re sure to find your new favorite hair stylist in no time!

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