Top 9 Best Hair Color for 40 Years Old Woman

Emily Roberts

Last updated: November 6, 2023

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Our top 9 list of the best hair colors for 40 year old women enables you to find the perfect color for your unique style. From golden blondes to soft chic brunettes, these hair colors will help you create a stunning and timeless look. Keep reading to discover the hair colors that will keep you looking your best.

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Golden Highlights

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When you reach the age of 40, your hair can start to become dull and lackluster, making you look older than you are. One of the best ways to inject a bit of shine and youth back into your hair is to try out golden highlights. Choosing the correct shade of gold is essential to achieving that perfect look and making heads turn when you walk into a room.

40-year-old women may feel as if their hair has lost ...

If you want to take your look to the next level, choppy layers with golden highlights are the way to go. The style gives you a modern and beautiful look by adding texture, dimension, and movement to your hair. It also accentuates natural face shape, and it’s easy to style. Choppy layers have become a popular trend among older women, and golden highlights can add that beautiful touch to the style.

The hairstyle works best with medium to long hair and is versatile for different occasions, such as ...


The call of chocolate brown hair for 40 year old women is undeniable. Its classic color, easy maintenance, and versatile style make it timelessly appealing. Whether it's a dramatic ombré, a short pixie cut, or a classic shoulder length bob, there's no shortage of ways to rock the look.

Chocolate brown hair color is one of the most sought-after hues for aging women. It's flattering for all ages, and its warm undertones give it youth-inducing vibes. Plus, its darker hue age-proofs hair — so you don't have to ...


Ash Blonde Hair

55 Reviews

Ash blonde hair color is the new trend that’s taking over the world of hair color. Taking its inspiration from the trending colors in fashion, this hue of blonde is subtle yet strong enough to set you apart from the rest. For women over 40, ash blonde hair color is the perfect way to look chic and fashionable without being too bold.

Ash blonde hair can be simply described as a silvery shade of blonde. It’s not too cool ...


If you're looking to enhance your natural look, gold and honey tones are the way to go. They're subtle and classic, making them perfect for any age. With a few tips, you'll be able to find the perfect shade to enhance your look.

The key to finding the right gold and honey tone is selecting the right shade. Here are some tips for selecting the right tone for your hair: Know Your Skin Tone - Your skin tone ...


Warm Honey Blonde

15 Reviews

Warm honey blonde hair color is ideal for 40-year-old women as it is soft, light enough to make a statement without being overwhelming, yet rich enough to provide an aura of sophistication. The golden tones work to enhance your hair’s natural highlights and create depth as they soften with age. The warm honey-blonde hue helps to create an even, smooth tone that blends easily into grays without looking unnatural.

Where to begin in creating the perfect shade ...


If you want something subtle yet warm, Balayage is the perfect way to go. It is low maintenance, stylish, and frankly age-appropriate without looking dull or drab.

Balayage is a hair colouring technique that gives dimension and depth to your hair, while still appearing natural. The technique originated in France in the 1970s and has been growing in popularity since, across all age groups. With Balayage, color is ‘painted’ on your hair strands with a brush ...

It's no secret that hair preferences change dramatically when you hit the big 4-0. Hairstyles that you once found fashionable may now look a little too young, or simply not as flattering. To achieve an age-appropriate look, hairstylists generally recommend soft layers and subtle highlights for 40-something women. Bouncy layers with warm highlights, in particular, can bring out the best features in a ...


Sassy Gray Bob

69 Reviews

Finally, one of the best hair color options for that is a sassy gray bob, which is a great choice for women in their 40s as it is universally flattering and will give you a diverse look that stands out in all the right ways.

A gray bob is the perfect way to give your look a retro nod without being overly stylized. Instead of taking the plunge and dying your hair a bright color, gray is a more subtle way to give yourself a new ...

Final Thought

The best hair color for a 40 year old woman will vary depending on the skin tone, hair texture, and personality of each individual. Nevertheless, these nine colors suggest hues for blondes, brunettes, and auburn lovers that will look classy, natural, and attractive on a woman at this age. With shades from light to dark blonde, ash brown, red, and an alluring silver gray, there is plenty of inspiration for a more mature woman to find the look she desires.

Whether you are ready to embrace a bold statement hair color or just want to refresh your look with a few highlights, these nine best hair colors for 40 year old woman will guide you to the perfect look. So find the perfect hair color that will boost your confidence and become the ideal version of yourself.

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