Top 8 Best Braids For Swimming Black Hair

Emily Roberts

Last updated: November 17, 2023

196 Reviews

Swimming is an excellent way to get physical exercise and refresh your spirit. However, it can pose a challenge to those who have black hair. You might be worried that going for a swim would damage your hair, or create a mess. But don’t fret, there are many braids suited specially for swimming and “The Top 8 Best Braids For Swimming Black Hair” list can help with your decision.

In this list, you will find braid styles that are healthy for your scalp, don’t take up too much time to achieve, and will stay in place even in the water. Whether you're looking to add length or have a special occasion in mind, these beautiful and creative braids can be a great option.

Let this list guide you through. You won’t regret it. Welcome to “The Top 8 Best Braids For Swimming Black Hair”.

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Two-Strand Twists

90 Reviews

Two-Strand Twists are great protective styles for swimming Black hair. Not only do these twists protect the hair from damage caused by chlorine and the sun, but they also make swimming easier and more enjoyable. Plus, with a little creativity, the look can be customized to fit your style.

It also includes massaging your scalp with oil or butter to help nourish your strands and reduce inflammation. This helps preserve your healthy natural hair while preventing breakage from exposure to ...

Two-Strand Twists

Flat Twist Cornrows

19 Reviews

Whether you're looking for a protective style for a day at the pool or want to stay fashionable while wading through the waves, flat twist cornrows are the perfect choice when it comes to swimming black hair. This sophisticated style pairs sleek cornrows with graceful flat twists for a look that is both practical and chic.

Flat twist cornrows are a great choice for those with medium to long hair, as the braids provide plenty of space to be styled ...

Flat Twist Cornrows

Box Braids

10 Reviews

Looking for a protective style that can withstand chlorine-water, humidity, and summertime fun? Box braids may be the perfect style for you!

Box braids are one of the most versatile and popular styles among African Americans. They can be dressed up for a night out or dressed down for a day at the beach. Not to mention, they are also an excellent protective style because they can last for several weeks.

But why choose box braids for swimming? Not only is this ...

Box Braids

Fishtail Braids

61 Reviews

Fishtail braids are the perfect way to protect natural black hair while swimming. These versatile braids are incredibly easy to create and are an ideal hairstyle for a day spent splashing around the pool or beach.

Fishtail braids can be created from any type of hair, long or short and they are secure enough to ensure that each strand remains safe from the pool's water. Not only that, but fishtail braids can ...

Fishtail Braids

French Braids

53 Reviews

If you're looking for a functional and fashionable look for swimming with black hair, then you can't go wrong with the French braid or its variations. It carries a unique and classic look that never fails to impress. And while the French braid appears complex at first sight, it is actually quite easy to master.

To create the French braid, begin by separating your hair into three equal sections. Then begin braiding your hair, adding an extra strand from each section as you go until you reach the ...

French Braids

Bantu Knots

11 Reviews

Bantu knots are a traditional African style of hair braiding that have been dated back to at least the fifth century. The style is an aesthetic version of the iconic hairstyle sported among many African and Southern African ethnicities.

This look has become increasingly popular among black women who seek to embrace their African heritage. Bantu knots are an excellent style choice for swimming, since the ...

Bantu Knots

Senegalese Twists

7 Reviews

Senegalese twists are a popular hairstyle for black women, both because of their beautiful, intricate look and because they can protect your hair from the damage of everyday styling and environmental factors. Not to mention, they look amazing when wet! What better way to rock black hair this summer than with a set of Senegalese twists?

Senegalese twists offer versatility ...

Senegalese Twists

Crochet Braids

16 Reviews

Crochet braids are a fashionable and protective style for those with black hair who are looking for a way to express their individual style and protect their hair at the same time. This protective style offers a great way to transition away from constantly wearing relaxers, which can damage hair, and back to wearing natural styles.

Crochet braiding is a great choice for those times ...

Crochet Braids

Final Thought

Top 8 best braids for swimming black hair can transform everyday life into a more enjoyable and beautiful experience. They are comfortable and can make a statement. From elegant braided buns to artistic fishtails, these styles can be worn for any occasion. Not only do braids keep black hair from becoming tangled in the water, but they are low-maintenance hairstyles that are easy to care for. Whether it’s an intensive workout in the pool or a lazy day in the sun, there are braids to keep you looking fabulous. Think no more and try one of these Top 8 best braids for swimming black hair today!

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