Top 6 Best Hair Colorist in Houston

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Last updated: November 6, 2023

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Houston - a dynamic city with diverse and liberal beauty, is also a combination of talented and quality hair color experts. With sophistication and high technique, hair colorists in Houston not only transform your hair but also create unique works of art on your head. From popular trends to personal styles, the list below will introduce you to the top 6 best hair colorists in Houston, where quality and creativity are the top commitments in every work of art. color art.

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If you’re looking for the ultimate personalized hair color experience, Krysten Smith at Krysten Smith Hair Studio is the place to go. She is one of Houston’s top 6 best hair colorists and takes pride in working meticulously to provide her clients with services that exceed expectations.

Krysten brings a unique blend of both artistic and technical aptitude to her work. Her extensive training in balayage and color techniques, as well as her knowledge of coloring products, makes her an invaluable asset to her studio. Her ...

Krysten Smith at Krysten Smith Hair Studio

When it comes to custom hair color, style and care, Adrian Woo at Studio Adrian stands out from the crowd. As one of the top hair colorists in Houston, Adrian Woo has been providing quality hair care services for over 10 years. He is known for his remarkable creativity, professionalism and cutting-edge techniques, making him one of the most sought after in the region.

Adrian Woo specializes in creating one-of-a-kind looks for each of his clients. He ...

Adrian Woo at Studio Adrian

Nikki Lee is a master colorist who has quickly become one of the most sought-after beauty professionals in Houston. She brings her unique vision, technical precision, and creative flair to every hair color that she creates. With each day bringing a new set of challenges, Nikki Lee continues to use her passion and skill to serve the needs of her clients at Salon Se Soigne. She takes great pride in delivering show-stopping ...

Nikki Lee at Salon Sé Soigné

With years of experience in hair styling, Sarah G is an expert in hair coloring services. She is adept at producing stunning and vibrant highlights, as well as creative and appealing balayage, ombre and tones in highlights. Not to mention, she is passionate about creating the perfect color for each individual client.

Sarah G has been providing her clients with top-tier hair coloring services for many years now. She is an experienced ...

Sarah G at Salon Meg

Located in Houston, Texas, Lauren Dell'Orco Studio understands that consistent, quality hair color is essential for creating the perfect look. With over a decade of experience in the art of hair coloring, Lauren Dell'Orco provides a personalized, innovative approach that incorporates a comprehensive selection of colors and texture techniques suited for each client. Working with each client’s unique style, skin ...

Lauren Dell'Orco at Lauren Dell'Orco Studio

Last but not least, Gianna Bruno is a master colorist at Salon Made in Houston, Texas. She is known for her ability to create natural, vibrant colors that enhance the beauty of each individual's unique characteristics. Whether you are looking to lighten a few strands or want a complete makeover, Gianna Bruno is the perfect choice. She is highly skilled in color correction and truly understands the science of hair color.

Gianna Bruno ...

Gianna Bruno at Salon Made

Final Thought

Houston has some of the best hair colorists in the country and choosing the right one for you can be quite a challenge. We’ve made your search easier by listing the top six best hair colorists in the city. Whether you’re looking for a precision color, corrective color, an ombre or a balayage, these professionals will make sure you get the best service. From low maintenance to high fashion look, the hair colorists on this list are skilled at delivering the perfect hair transformation for you.

No matter your hair color needs, these highly experienced hair colorists will give you the results you’re searching for. With a variety of specialities and unique approaches available, these specialists will cover all your hair care wishes. Book your appointment at one of these top six best hair colorists in Houston today and you’ll be sure to get the perfect shade.

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