Top 10 Stunning Copper Balayage Brunette Hairstyles to Try

Emily Roberts

Last updated: March 25, 2024

147 Reviews

Copper balayage brunette is a stunning hair trend that combines rich, warm tones with a natural, sun-kissed look. This style is perfect for brunettes looking to spice up their hair without going for a drastic change. Copper is a versatile color that can be customized to suit all skin tones, making it a popular choice in balayage techniques. In this article, we will be counting down the top 10 copper balayage brunette looks that are sure to inspire your next salon appointment. From subtle hints of copper to full-on fiery reds, these brunette beauties will have you reaching for your colorist's number in no time. So, let's explore the hottest copper balayage looks and take your tresses to the next level.

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Rich Copper Ribbons

12 Reviews

Brunettes have long been associated with rich, dark hair colors. But the latest hair trend is here to add some warmth and glow to their locks - rich copper ribbons. This hair color technique is all about adding dimension and depth to a brunette's hair with copper highlights strategically placed throughout the hair.

Copper balayage has been gaining popularity among brunettes since it first hit the ...


Copper Melt

72 Reviews

When it comes to hair color, brunettes often get overlooked in favor of their blonde and redheaded counterparts. But in recent years, we've seen a shift towards embracing the beauty of dark locks and experimenting with new shades. One color that has been making waves in the hair world is copper melt, and for good reason. This stunning blend of warm red and golden tones creates a multi-dimensional look that is guaranteed to ...


Face-Framing Copper

90 Reviews

Copper balayage has been a top trending hair color for a few years now, and it's easy to see why. This warm, fiery hue is perfect for adding dimension and depth to brunettes, without straying too far from their natural hair color. The balayage technique itself is also highly praised for creating a natural and effortless look, making it a go-to for many beauty lovers.

Face-framing copper is a new twist on the classic copper balayage that is taking the hair world by storm. This variation involves ...


Copper ombre

16 Reviews

If you're someone who loves experimenting and switching up your hair color, you've probably heard of the latest hair trend taking over the beauty world: copper ombre. This unique hair coloring technique is a beautiful way to add warmth, dimension, and shine to your hair, especially if you have brunette locks.

Originating from the French word meaning "to sweep," ombre is a popular hair coloring technique that involves blending two or more shades together to create a gradual, natural-looking color ...


Copper Babylights

0 Reviews

Copper balayage is a popular hair trend that has taken over the brunette world by storm. And within this trend, copper babylights have emerged as the top choice for achieving a natural and flawless brunette look. These delicate and beautifully blended highlights can add dimension, depth, and warmth to any brown hair, creating a stunning and vibrant finish.

Imagine the soft, natural highlights that a child's hair has after spending ...


Bold Copper Accents

45 Reviews
Choosing the perfect hair color can be a daunting task, especially for brunettes. With endless options ranging from blonde, red, and even pastel shades, it's easy to get overwhelmed. But if you're looking to add some dimension and warmth to your brunette locks, then bold copper accents might just be the perfect solution. Copper is a rich and vibrant ...

Copper Money Piece

76 Reviews

Copper hair is definitely having a moment, and the latest addition to the trend is the copper money piece. This stunning balayage technique adds a touch of warmth and richness to any brunette locks, making it a go-to style for those looking to elevate their hair game. Whether you're a natural brunette or a blonde looking to switch things up, this look is perfect for anyone who wants to embrace their fiery side.

The copper money piece is a modern ...


Copper Balayage Bob

96 Reviews

Balayage hair has been a top trend in the hair industry for years now, with its effortless and natural-looking highlights. This technique involves hand-painting the hair, giving it a more blended and dimensional appearance. And when it comes to balayage, one of the most popular color choices for brunettes is copper.

Copper balayage is a variation of balayage that uses copper tones to create a warm and vibrant look. The color is applied ...

Are you looking for a way to add some warmth and dimension to your brunette locks? Look no further than copper peekaboo highlights. This latest trend has taken over the world of hair fashion, and for good reason. It's a stunning way to incorporate hints of fiery copper into your natural brunette hair, creating a beautiful contrast that will turn heads wherever you go.

Copper ...


Copper Curls

30 Reviews

In recent years, hair color trends have shifted towards warmer tones, with copper being a popular choice among brunettes. With its rich and vibrant hues, copper not only adds warmth to dark hair, but also creates dimension and depth. And one of the best ways to showcase this stunning color is through copper curls.

Copper curls are a type of hair coloring technique where copper is applied to the hair in a balayage style. This means that instead of the traditional foiling method, the colorist will paint the ...

Final Thought

Copper balayage is the trend that has taken the brunette world by storm. From warm tones to rich hues, these stunning looks showcase the beauty of a copper balayage on dark hair. As we wrap up our top 10 list, we hope you have found inspiration and ideas for your next salon visit. Whether you want a bold and vibrant look or a subtle and natural glow, copper balayage can cater to all your brunette desires. So why not add a touch of warmth and dimension to your locks with this stunning technique? Trust us, your hair will thank you. As we say goodbye to our top 10 list, remember to have fun and be fearless in experimenting with your hair!

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