Top 10 Best Hair Salon in West Hollywood

Emily Roberts

Last updated: January 4, 2024

186 Reviews

Are you looking for the best hair salon in West Hollywood? Whether you are considering a new cut or color, you are sure to find the perfect style with the top 10 salons in the area. From personalized service to an impeccable final look, get ready to make a lasting impression!

These amazing salons specialize in everything from classic cuts and colors to innovative trends, offering you the perfect ‘do whether it be for a day at the office or a night out on the town. Check out the list for the absolute best salons West Hollywood has to offer.

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Salon Urbe

54 Reviews

Salon Urbe is the go-to place for a luxurious hair salon experience in West Hollywood. Here, hair stylists and barbers use top-notch products and cutting-edge techniques to create incredible hairstyles and looks that will have heads turning. The experts at this salon are dedicated to providing an attentive and professional service that will have you feeling your very best. Whether you’re after a chic updo or a modern trim, you’ll be ...


Nine Zero One Salon

45 Reviews

If you're looking for premium hair services from the top industry talent, the Nine Zero One Salon is the place to go. Located in West Hollywood, this modern and stylish salon offers a full range of cuts, coloring, and styling services, as well as makeup and other beauty services. This award-winning hair salon has been named one of the top ranked hair salons in West Hollywood ...


The Wall Group Salon is a top-rated destination for hair styling services located in West Hollywood, California. With acclaimed stylists, state-of-the-art facilities, and a trendy, luxurious vibe, this salon is the perfect choice for your next haircut or coloring service.

The experts at The Wall Group Salon are widely renowned for creating stunning hairstyles of all kinds. Their stylists specialize in all aspects of hair styling, ranging from contemporary and classic cuts ...

Johnathan Colombini Salon is a top-rated hair salon in West Hollywood, offering clients a unique and personalized experience. Since its establishment, Johnathan Colombini Salon has become a popular destination for anyone looking to receive professional and stylish hair treatments.

Combining years of experience with the latest technology, techniques, and products, Johnathan Colombini Salon offers varied services like haircuts, color services, deep conditioning treatments, ...

At Andrew Fitzsimons Salon, our commitment to you is an exceptional and truly luxurious hair care experience. Our award-winning West Hollywood salon caters to the needs of the Hollywood elite, and with a team of experts, we provide that celebrity experience for every single client. Our team's speciality is creating high-end cuts and the trendiest hairstyles for women and men, as well as providing unique hair styling services that are tailored to your individual needs. With our ...


Salon Six Six Six

66 Reviews

Salon Six Six Six is a leading hair salon in West Hollywood, renowned for its innovative approach to styling and exceptional customer service. The experienced and knowledgeable stylists at Salon Six Six Six create amazing looks for their clients that make them feel their best. They understand each client's individual style and hair type, providing personalized service and unmatched results. Whether you ...

Situated in the heart of West Hollywood, The Salon at Miguel Castro is the go-to destination for those looking for high-quality and luxurious service at an unbeatable price. For more than a decade, this legendary establishment has provided beautiful haircuts and styling to customers from all walks of life, with excellence and professionalism. Boasting a team of passionate and talented stylists, The Salon at Miguel Castro has established itself as one of the best ...

If you’re looking for a hair salon in West Hollywood with a unique signature style, Sally Hershberger Salon is the place to go. With an experienced team of hairstylists, they offer cuts and styles to suit every individual. Whether you’re looking for something classic and chic or edgy and bold, the experienced stylists at Sally Hershberger Salon can create the style you’re after. From balayage and ombre to highlights and lowlights, they have it all.

Sally Hershberger is one of the most ...


Christophe Salon

58 Reviews

Nestled in the heart of West Hollywood, Christophe Salon offers a one-of-a-kind experience in hair care and beauty. With the latest techniques and a modern approach to hair care, their team of internationally acclaimed stylists is sure to provide you with the perfect look. Christophe Salon continues to be the leading choice for many of Hollywood’s biggest stars and is one of the top ...


Envy Salon

54 Reviews

Experience relaxation and satisfaction at Envy Salon, one of the top hair salons in West Hollywood. With a team of expertly trained stylists, you can be sure that your hair goals will be met and exceeded. Get pampered with everything from a classic trim to an edgy makeover - the possibilities are endless!

At Envy Salon, you can trust that your hair is in great hands. All of the salon's stylists are professionally trained to provide the highest quality of service and up-to-date styles for all clients. From classic ...

Final Thought

We hope that this list of top 10 hair salons in West Hollywood has helped you determine which salon is the best fit for you. Whether you needed hair styling for a special event, a new look, or even hair treatments, you can now make an informed decision with confidence. With the latest hairstyles and techniques, these salons have given you the tools necessary to look your best in all situations. So why wait? Make an appointment at one of West Hollywood's top hair salons today.

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