Top 10 Ideal Ways to Styles Blackhair with Ash Highlights

Emily Roberts

Last updated: December 6, 2023

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Adding ash highlights to your black hair is the perfect way to spice up your look. From light blonde to steel grey shades, the subtle highlights can add a touch of dimension to your locks. No matter what kind of hairstyle you have, adding a few ashy shades can easily enhance any look. Here we present you with the Top 10 Blackhair with Ash Highlights to help you decide which ones to go for. Read on and get inspired to give your hair the makeover it craves!

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Black hair with ash highlights is a gorgeous look that will give you a unique and stylish look. To create even more drama and fun, add a few wispy face-framing stripes. This amazing look adds definition and creativity to any style. With various lengths and shades, you can find a look that is perfect for your complexion and personality. Start with ...

Wispy Face-Framing Stripes

Gradual Ombre

72 Reviews

Besides Wispy face-framing stripes, Gradual ombre is also a hair color style in which dark hair fades to lighter tones like ash highlights. The transition of color happens gradually, creating a harmonious tone that is both beautiful and fashionable. Gradual ombre has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its achievable and adaptable look.

When going for a gradual ombre, there are several ways you can achieve the perfect look. If you have dark hair, you can use a natural product ...

Gradual Ombre

These days, one of the hottest trends in hairstyles to own black hair with ash highlights is moneypiece highlights. With gorgeous streaks of black hair and ashy blonde or silver tones amidst long, sleek locks, moneypiece highlights are an easy-to-style, eye-catching look that will have you standing out from the crowd. Whether you’re headed to a special evening out or just want something subtle and stylish to complete your look, moneypiece highlights can be ...

Moneypiece Highlights

Smoky Ash Roots

63 Reviews

To add depth and charm to black hair, nothing quite beats smoky ash highlights. Smoky ash highlights are considered an ideal look for black hair with ash highlights while giving it a smoky, dimensional effect. Whether you’re looking for subtle, chic highlights or something bolder and more daring, smoky ash highlights walk the thin line between subtle and daring.

Smoky ash highlights are perfect for those who prefer a warm toned ...

Smoky Ash Roots

Shaggy Layered Look

70 Reviews

For those who are looking for a sizzling style that makes a statement, the Shaggy Layered Look with highlights is an unmissable choice. This modern hairstyle for black hair with ash highlights looks amazing with darker skin tones, and its effortless, edgy style is perfect to rock any occasion with ease.

Adding ash highlights gives a simple, minimalistic touch to the look, which gives it a more natural, textured feel. The layered length makes it versatile and eye-catching, while the ...

Shaggy Layered Look

Sombre Hair

44 Reviews

Achieving an on-trend Sombre hair look will refresh the style of your tresses perfectly. The basic idea behind Sombre hair is to combine traditional highlighting techniques with the popular Ombre shading and add it to dark hair for a soft, subtle yet beautiful look.

Sombre hair is like Ombre hair, but more subdued and subtle. The colors range from a variety of shades, including ash brown, light caramel, platinum blonde, and even a smoky lavender. The Sombre is achieved by lightly transitioning a lighter shade of hair up from the ends. ...

Sombre Hair

Bronde Balayage

71 Reviews

For those who love to keep their natural black hair color but add a subtle blend of lighter tones, Bronde Balayage is the considerable solution. This modern and stylish look is a blend of dark and light shades that creates an elegant effect that is suitable for any occasion.

Achieving this look requires some expertise and care. Expertly applied, it will give ...

Bronde Balayage

If you have black hair and are looking for a subtle way to add dimension and life to your hair, opt for ash highlights. Double-processed ash highlights give a unique look to your style that many natural hair enthusiasts love. Below we’ll go over what’s involved in double-processing your hair and explore some of the top black hair styles with ash highlights.

Double-processing is a hair styling technique in ...

Double-Processed Result

Adding streaks of color to your black hair can take your hair look to the next level. Face-Framing Streaks can create an elegant, yet chic look. These streaks of color around the face can be subtle, or more vibrant, and will add an interesting, fun contrast to your black hair.

One of the most popular colors for face-framing streaks is ash highlights. ...

Face-Framing Streaks

Are you looking for a new style that is sure to draw attention? If so, consider adding a full head of dimension on your black hair with the addition of ash highlights. This style is perfect for adding a pop of color to dark tresses without the dramatic change of a full color job. Plus, ash highlights create the illusion of depth, making it look as though your locks are thicker and voluminous.

Whether you have short, medium, or long hair, ash highlights can ...

Full Head of Dimension

Final Thought

Ash highlights are a great way to look stunning and trendy with black hair. Whether you prefer subtle or bold highlights, this ultimate list of top 10 black hair with ash highlights has it all and will help you find the perfect style that suits you. Feel free to experiment with different tones like ash blonde and brown ash and soft highlights to find the look that suits you best. Using the latest techniques and products you can easily change up your look with beautiful and eye-catching ash highlights that will turn heads and keep you looking fabulous.

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