Top 8 Best Hair Salons In Colorado

Emily Roberts

Last updated: December 6, 2023

154 Reviews

Are you planning to get a complete makeover while visiting the state of Colorado? If so, then look no further than the Top 8 Best Hair Salons in Colorado! We have carefully curated the finest salons in the state that offer the latest trends and styles. From hair coloring to hair spa and repair, these salons offer superb services. So, if you’re looking for a quality experience that is worth your time and money, go for these amazing Hair Salons.

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Salon Lofts

14 Reviews

Whenever you look for a high-end, luxury hair salon in Colorado, Salon Lofts should be your first choice. Located throughout the state, Salon Lofts offers the very latest in hair care services and luxuries. From traditional cuts and styles to complex coloring services, Salon Lofts offers an unmatched level of care for any hair needs. You’ll leave feeling like a million bucks and looking like it too!

People often think of ...

Salon Lofts

In case your requirement is professional hair services, do not miss Industry Nine Salon in Colorado. This excellent hair salon in Colorado offers a fully-equipped and experienced staff of haircare professionals, ready to help you create the perfect look. Whether you need a simple trim or a total makeover, the talented team at Industry Nine can make it happen.

At Industry Nine, you can get everything from classic cuts to modern and daring styles. Utilizing only the highest-quality products and equipment, Industry Nine provides up-to-date hair ...

Industry Nine Salon

Nouveau Salon

90 Reviews

Established for over five years now, Nouveau Salon has been anchoring its place as one of the best and the most talked-about hair salons in the city.

From full-on hair makeovers to complete rejuvenation of unhealthy hair, Nouveau Salon takes pride in its wide array of highly skilled and professional stylists. The stylists specialize in both complicated and sophisticated hairstyling techniques, that transform the appearance of their customers and help them look elegant and alluring.

For hair treatments, it has built its reputation ...

Nouveau Salon

Alchemy Salon

40 Reviews

From bold to beautiful, Alchemy Salon helps its clients to create a look that matches their desired results and lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for a long-lasting color application, a healthy haircut, a custom hair treatment, or a detailed styling plan, Alchemy Salon is here to provide the best stylists and products to make your dream hair journey a reality. With extensive knowledge of the newest cuts, styles, colors, and treatments, Alchemy Salon has all the tools to help you achieve the perfect transformation.

At Alchemy ...

Alchemy Salon

Rouge Salon

66 Reviews

For those of you looking for an impeccable salon experience and get a hairstyle that will last for a longer time, look no further than Rouge Salon. Founded in the heart of Colorado, this premium salon offers a range of services from hairstyling to skincare treatments.

What sets Rouge Salon apart from the other salons in Colorado is the superior quality of service and commitment to achieving the ...

Rouge Salon

Prism Hair Design

6 Reviews

Established over 13 years ago, Prism Hair Design offers some of the best hair services in the Colorado Springs area. Using only the highest quality products and equipment along with expertly trained stylists, you can always trust Prism Hair Design to have your hair looking its best.

No matter what your hair type or style you’re looking for, the stylists at Prism Hair Design ...

Prism Hair Design

Luxe Hair Salon

98 Reviews

From highlights to hair treatments and deep-conditioning services, Luxe Hair Salon provides the best organic hair care experiences in the state. At this best hair salon in Colorado, experienced stylists use natural products to give you the look you want without the harmful chemicals normally found in hair salons. The team's specialty is creating modern looks that are tailored to your unique individual style while preserving and protecting the health of your hair.

Luxurious Hair Salon only uses the highest-level hair care products for a better result than the rest. ...

Luxe Hair Salon

Aveda Salon

69 Reviews

Finally, but still importantly, Aveda Salon in Colorado is undoubtedly one of the best salons in Colorado providing top-notch hair care services in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. With its experience in the beauty industry, the team of experts at the Aveda Salon will bring out the best in you with their high-quality hairstyles, creative hair coloring, and with their luxurious treatments and natural products.

Aveda Salon is committed to providing its clients with great service and great ...

Aveda Salon

Final Thought

Colorado has an abundance of high quality and professional hair salons. All of the hair salons recommended here offer highly experienced and trained professionals. There is nothing like having quality hair treatments and fashionable looks done in the best environment. Whether it is a classic cut, a new style, or even something more daring, there is sure to be a hair salon in Colorado for everyone. With top of the line equipment and amazing products, these top 8 hair salons stand out above the rest in Colorado.

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