Top 6 Best Hair Salons In Louisville

Emily Roberts

Last updated: December 6, 2023

196 Reviews

If you’re looking for the best hair salon in Louisville, you’ve come to the right place. At our Top 6 Best Hair Salons in Louisville list, we’ve narrowed down the top beauty salons in the city to those we think offer the best cuts, styles and color. Whether you’re looking for a trim or a complete hair transformation, these top-rated options are sure to provide you with the best services. We’ve personally visited each salon and can guarantee you a pleasant salon experience.

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List of 6 Best Hair Salons In Louisville

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Industry Nine Salon

17 Reviews

Securing the number one position is Industry Nine Salon, the premier destination for high-end hair styling and spa services in Louisville. Boasting a team of talented and experienced stylists, Industry Nine has been providing Louisville clients with innovative and stunning hair designs for more than 2 decades. Whether you're looking for a sleek new cut, a sassy new style, or extensions, Industry Nine has the perfect look for you.

Industry Nine also offers a wide variety of professional spa services to keep you looking and feeling ...

Industry Nine Salon

Salon Nouveau

87 Reviews

For over 30 years, Salon Nouveau has been delivering top-notch services, featuring the finest hair, skin, and nail services, to clients from all over the Louisville area.

Salon Nouveau is renowned for its team of experienced and passionate hairstylists who understand and exceed customer expectations. From simple haircuts and trims to vibrant coloring, Keratin treatments, and chemical services, this excellent hair salon in Louisville provides outstanding results. Hair care and maintenance packages are tailored to meet each customer’s individual style, leaving clients ...

Salon Nouveau

Nouveau Salon

44 Reviews

Holding down the third position, Nouveau Salon offers a variety of hair services, including color treatments, precision haircuts, balayage, and extensions. From traditional to trendy styles, the experienced stylists at Nouveau will work with you to find a look that you’re sure to love.

Nouveau stands apart for offering personalized services tailored to fit each customer’s unique style. The team prides itself on staying on trend and provides clients with the ...

Nouveau Salon

Rise Salon

89 Reviews

Rise Salon is a top-rated hair styling destination in Louisville. We are renowned for our personalized service and excellent hair styling services. Our stylists are experienced and highly trained to create all types of looks for men and women. No matter what your hair needs are, our team of professional stylists will provide you with a look that you’ll absolutely love!

At Rise Salon, we understand that every person has unique hair needs. That’s why we ...

Rise Salon

Alchemy Salon

98 Reviews

Are you searching for a new look and style? If you live in Louisville, then Alchemy Salon is the place for you. This top-rated hair salon offers a variety of hair services from haircuts and styling to coloring and treatments. Whether you’re looking for a drastic transformation or subtle change, the professional stylists are sure to help you find the perfect look.

At Alchemy Salon, customers can always find something new to try. The salon ...

Alchemy Salon

Celebrity Hair Salon stands alone at the top of the list of hair salons in Louisville. This luxury salon provides the highest level of service and expertise in the hair industry. At Celebrity, you’ll work with some of the city’s most established hairstylists and colorists, who take pride in providing you with the look you’ve always dreamed of. This full-service salon offers everything from classic haircuts to specialized treatments and custom colors. They take the time to understand each individual’s unique needs to bring out their natural beauty ...

Celebrity Hair Salon

Final Thought

In conclusion, the hair salons in Louisville are on the rise and provide clients with a bevy of choices. From unique styles, personalized attention, and top-notch services, there's something for everyone. If you're looking for a hair salon with excellent services in Louisville, then the six best highlighted in this article are great places to start. Each of these establishments will provide you with an enjoyable experiences that are sure to keep you coming back for more.

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