Top 7 Best Hair Stylist In Atlanta For Black Hair

Emily Roberts

Last updated: December 6, 2023

183 Reviews

Are you looking for a qualified and experienced hair stylist for your black hair? If so, you have come to the right place! We have rounded up the best hair stylists in Atlanta for you to choose from. The professionals here are highly experienced and passionate about styling and will give you the perfect look you are looking for. From natural curls to straightened sleek styles, they are sure to get you the look you are after. So, what are you waiting for? Read on and choose the perfect hairstylist that best suits your needs!

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List of 7 Best Hair Stylist In Atlanta For Black Hair

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Nia Jones

57 Reviews

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Nia Jones is a highly sought-after hairstylist who specializes in providing black hair care services. From cutting to coloring, Nia prides herself on giving her clients the perfect look for their individual hair type. With over ten years of experience working as a professional hairstylist, Nia has the knowledge and expertise to help you achieve the look you’ve always wanted. Whether you're looking ...

Nia Jones

Sydney Thomas

7 Reviews

Sydney Thomas is an award-winning hair stylist and entrepreneur based in Atlanta, Georgia. She has a decade of experience providing hairstyling services to her clients, specializing in a range of African-American styles. With a deep passion and commitment to making her clients look and feel beautiful, Sydney has earned a loyal following. Her salon is decorated with accolades from top ...

Sydney Thomas

Lamar Robinson

63 Reviews

Lamar Robinson is an esteemed hair stylist based in Atlanta, Georgia, well-known for providing beautiful black hairstyles to his clients. His hairstyling career began more than 15 years ago and since then, he’s gone from strength-to-strength. He now works with some of the most renowned celebrities in the city and his clients boast an impressive list of high-profile names.

Lamar offers a full range of styles suited to both men and women. From lace-front wigs to braids, he offers ...

Lamar Robinson

Dominique Wilson

2 Reviews

Dominique Wilson is an accomplished hairstylist who has worked in the industry for around 25 years. She's been the go-to hair guru for several celebrities in Atlanta, including singers and athletes, earning her recognition in the celebrity industry.

Dominique has been able to thrive in the beauty industry through her unique approach to hair care, which provides specialized services for African-American hair. She ...

Dominique Wilson

Courtney Johnson

34 Reviews

Courtney Johnson is a renowned hair stylist in Atlanta who specializes in styling Black hair. She is passionate about empowering her African American clients to celebrate their natural hair. With over seven years of experience in the beauty industry, Courtney has become a master hair stylist for Black hair.

She has elevated her craft to an art form. Her signature braids, hairstyles, and innovative hair ...

Courtney Johnson

Kelsey McDaniels

77 Reviews

Los Angeles-based Kelsey McDaniels is undoubtedly one of the most renowned colorists and hair stylists in Atlanta for creative and exquisite black hair. Over the years of experience in the field, she has emerged as one of the top-recommended hair artists, combining her skills and passion for hairdressing.

With a client base established both domestically and internationally, McDaniels has been using her gentle hands to handle creative and beautiful black hair, providing her clients an experience of absolute satisfaction. Her stylist portfolio is extensive and ...

Kelsey McDaniels

Desmond Robertson

82 Reviews

Desmond Robertson is not just any ordinary hair stylist but he is best known as the black hair stylist maestro in Atlanta. He has mastered the art of creating beautiful looks that are sure to turn heads through his client base of celebrities, models, actresses, and businessmen. Desmond has been awarded numerous times by the renowned fashion magazines and style gurus for his remarkable talent and impeccable styling skills.

His attention to detail and devotion towards his work is visible ...

Desmond Robertson

Final Thought

In conclusion, in search for black hair stylists, Atlanta, GA is definitely the place to look. With the above list of Top 7 Best Hair Stylists In Atlanta For Black Hair, you can rest assured you will receive unparalleled attention and professional care. From natural styling to a special occasion, these professionals ensure that you get the perfect look. Don't forget to review any of the hairstylists before making a final decision. With a proper budget and proper research, you are sure to find the perfect Hair Stylist for your needs.

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