Top 9 Best Hair Stylist In Milwaukee

Emily Roberts

Last updated: December 6, 2023

200 Reviews

Are you looking for the best hair stylist in Milwaukee? We have curated the list of top 9 hair stylists in Milwaukee that offer a variety of services. Our list is based on different criteria such as customer reviews, location, quality of services, and much more. These stylists have years of experience and knowledge in craftsmanship. All the salons and salon services offered here are fully committed to providing world-class experience.

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David Lopez

82 Reviews

First of all, let us introduce you to David Lopez, one of the best-known hair stylists in the unique streets of downtown Milwaukee. An experienced hair wizard from Wisconsin, David has been passionately styling hair since 2011, with a wide array of clients from all walks of life. You can spot his unmistakable avant-garde creations on the heads of his clients whether they be in ...

David Lopez

Katie Johnson

42 Reviews

With over 10 years of experience, Katie Johnson is a trendsetter amongst her peers for setting new beauty standards when it comes to hairstyling in the city of Milwaukee. She is a veteran hair stylist, helping her clients create a desired look that best suits their needs.

With Katie Johnson, you will find a wide variety of hair styling techniques and services available. She specializes in amplifying her customer’s look, giving them luscious, beautiful hair in every style and color. From dramatic updos ...

Katie Johnson

Steven Lee

19 Reviews

Whether you are looking for a contemporary cut or a total makeover, Mr. Lee can give you the perfect look that will make you feel like a million dollars. As as expert hair stylist in Milwaukee, Steven Lee has been in the hair-care industry for over 20 years. He offers professional hair styling services for both men and women. He actively ...

Steven Lee

Mike Thompson

55 Reviews

Hair styling is an art, and Mike Thompson is a renowned artist among Milwaukee’s salons. His work speaks for itself: a master of hairstyling, Mike is responsible for crafting some of Milwaukee’s most iconic looks, from daring high-fashion to classic and timeless cuts and styles.

Mike Thompson’s ultimate commitment to his craft has resulted in his achievements as one of Milwaukee’s leading hair stylists. His passion for ...

Mike Thompson

Brenna Weber

74 Reviews

Currently, Brenna works out of The Panache House of Style and The Pampered Ladies Salon, two of Milwaukee’s most popular hair salons for hairstyles, cuts, and coloring. She’s also certified in the Advanced Haircutting and Coloring Techniques from the Blonde Me.

Brenna’s specialty is creating unique and stylish hair-dos for her clients. She pride’s herself on keeping up with the latest trends and understanding the exact styles that fit each of her clients’ face shape ...

Brenna Weber

Chris Martin

32 Reviews

Chris Martin is a highly experienced hair stylist with years of expertise in creating stunning styles for women and men. With his experience and knowledge, he can make you look fantastic every time you go out. He offers a wide range of cutting and styling services from classic to modern cuts. Whether you want a simple style, a dramatic change, or something completely ...

Chris Martin

Ashley Wilson

51 Reviews

The Milwaukee area is brimming with amazing hair stylists, but few can match the excellence of Ashley Wilson. She has been a top hairstylist in Milwaukee for years, creating breathtaking transformation for all types of clients. From classic cuts to bold and creative colors, Ashley has an acute eye for what will best suit her clients. In Ashley's skillful hands, you are sure to walk out of the salon ...

Ashley Wilson

Alyssa Jones

38 Reviews

Designing beautiful hair transformations, Alyssa Jones stays ahead of the trends to ensure her clients always get the perfect look. Her expertise covers all hair types, including natural hair, so she is able to create a beautiful look tailored to any client’s needs.

Alyssa has won multiple awards in past hair shows, including Best Afro Hair in a Competition. Revered by both her industry peers and her clients, Alyssa prides herself in her attention to detail and excellent customer service.

Regardless of the style you’re looking ...

Alyssa Jones

Derek Brown

46 Reviews

With more than a decade's worth of experience, Derek Brown in Milwaukee offers unparalleled expertise in hair styling which has earned him the respect of both the clients and colleagues. This best hair stylist in Milwaukee believes in personalized attention and takes every individual's hair type and styling needs into account before developing customized hair styling solutions.

Derek Brown, the founder and creative director at DB Hair Works, has created some of the best hairstyles in Milwaukee. As opposed to past approach ...

Derek Brown

Final Thought

Overall, it doesn't matter if you are looking for a barber, a colorist or a hairstylist, Milwaukee has you covered with the best in the business. Place a call to get the perfect look that you desire. The top 9 best hair stylists in Milwaukee offer help with all aspects of styling and have plenty of experience in the field, so you can trust them to do an excellent job. Don't wait any longer to create your perfect style, contact one these stylists today!

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