Top 10 Best Winter Beers to Enjoy this Season

Emily Roberts

Last updated: November 25, 2023

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This top 10 list features a range of beers with different styles, flavors, and alcohol content. Whether you prefer a light and refreshing cold beer or a hearty brew, these top 10 beers are sure to satisfy your taste buds. So grab a beer and join us as we explore the best winter beers of 2023.

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Taking the top 1 position, Stout beer is a unique and beloved style of brew that makes for the perfect companion on a cold winter night. Often categorized as a dark beer, this best winter beer is a full-bodied beer with a distinct flavor and deep, rich color. Depending on the variety, stouts can range from slightly sweet and nutty to highly roasted and earthy, but always with an intense and bold flavor.

Stout beer has quickly become one of the most ...



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Nothing is quite as comforting on a cold winter night than a smooth, roasty Porter ale. Rich and full-flavored, porter beer is an American classic that invokes notes of toasted and roasted malts, chocolate, coffee, and caramel. Many porters are also brewed with special spices to add another layer of attachment to the flavor. One of the top winter beers, many agree that porter beer is the ultimate beverage to keep warm ...


Winter Warmer

78 Reviews

Winter is the most exciting season for beer lovers. As the temperatures drop, we turn our attention to the unique selection of dark lagers, and spiced ales that make their way onto store shelves. One of the most popular winter beer styles is the Winter Warmer. These beers bring a much-needed burst of warmth and flavor to an otherwise cold season.

Winter warmers are generally ...

Winter Warmer


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Doppelbock, or "double bock," is a dark, rich lager that has been enjoyed for centuries. Originating in Bavaria, this popular winter beer has been produced by German brewers and enjoyed by beer lovers the world over. This classic beer has a high alcohol content and a robust, malty flavor. Doppelbock has a long, rich history that is still appreciated today.

First brewed in Bavaria in the early 1700s, Doppelbock was originally created by monks to get them through Lent without consuming solid ...


Spiced ale

78 Reviews

Nothing warms the soul during a deep winter chill like a good pint of Ale. Especially one that is spiced just right. When brewed in small batches, and seasoned with just the right ingredients, these ales become something truly special. The deep notes of winter's spice will balance out the bitter finish, creating a superior flavor that no other beer can match.

These ales offer something truly unique to beer-lovers, ...


Barley wine

53 Reviews

Barley Wine is one of the most popular boutique beers favored by craft brewery aficionados. This full-bodied winter favorite is known for its richness, intense malt flavors, and surprisingly smooth finish that is perfect for a cozy winter evening.

Brewed with a high concentration of malted barley, Barley Wine has a distinctively high alcoholic content that can range from 8.0%-14.0% ABV. Though it looks similar to beer, the heavy flavor profile is more akin to a fortified wine, hence the name.

The ...



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Weizenbock is a complex, dark wheat beer that is made from a blend of malts, hops, wheat, and yeast. It originated in Germany and is often referred to as a cross between a bock and a wheat beer. Weizenbocks are usually stronger and slightly sweet with a light alcohol content and a full body.

Weizenbock has a deep, copper-red color ...


Scotch ale

29 Reviews

When you’re looking for a warming winter beer to take the chill away, consider Scotch ale. This malt-forward craft brew has its roots in Scotland’s brewing traditions and has a rich history of being the drink of choice

Scotch ales, or wee heavys, are generally deep red or brown in color, full-bodied and malty. As an amber beer, it has a medium hop flavor and aroma, with hints of caramel and dark fruits. It’s generally stronger ...

Scotch ale

Baltic porter

51 Reviews

For people who want something special and flavorful to enjoy during the winter months, look no further than a Baltic porter. This distinctive style of dark beer combines the full-bodied flavor of a traditional porter with an additional malty sweetness that makes it a great choice for the winter season. With a rich history and unique flavor, a good Baltic porter makes a great festive drink for any winter event.

Baltic porter is a ...


Ice bock

40 Reviews

Finally, for beer enthusiasts looking to switch up the wintertime libation routine, Ice bock, the bock beer made through a process of freezing the beer to concentrate its flavor, is a heavenly treat. Not only does it offer a sweet and malty experience to those who partake in it, but the high ABV paired with the smoothness of the ice-cold beverage makes it a delightful choice for those who ...

Final Thought

Whether you love the bitter taste of IPAs or treasure the richness of a stout, be sure to add any of these top 10 winter beers to your holiday list for a truly festive and enjoyable experience. With so much variety available, everyone can find something they like. Enjoy!

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