Top 8 Best Ideas for Blending Grey into Brown Hair

Emily Roberts

Last updated: November 15, 2023

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Rather than disguise or dye, embracing natural grey with brown creates a one-of-a-kind look. If you're ready to show off your silver but not entirely bid goodbye to your rich brown either, blending is the solution. We've curated the top 8 ideas for blending grey into brown hair. From highlighted face frames to subtle strands, these styles showcase how sophisticated blended locks can be.

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Kicking things off, our first idea for blending grey into brown hair to achieve natural-look results is Single-process Color. Unlike highlights or lowlights which lighten or darken a section of hair, single-process color involves coloring all the hair in a single, solid shade. Whether you want a rich, dark hue, a bright platinum blonde, or any color in between, single-process color can ...

Single-process color

Baby Lights

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Getting the perfect hair color is not just about maximizing your individuality, but also a way to show your inner personality. Brown hair can easily transition to blonde, adding depth and texture to your hair, creating the perfect combo of light and dark. For this reason, many opt for the Baby Lights technique when adding some unexpected flare to their brown hair.

Baby lights are crafted when small sections of your hair down to the scalp are lightened. These delicate pieces are two ...

Baby Lights


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Moving on to the next idea for blending grey into brown hair, do you want to add some depth and dimension to your hair? If so, Lowlights are the perfect solution. Lowlights boost the natural color of hair and add depth and dimension while blending grays for a vibrant yet natural look.

Unlike highlights, which use lighter colors to brighten up the hair, lowlights use darker colors to add richness to the hair. Lowlights are a ...


Dimensional color

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Whether it’s to cover gray regrowth or to achieve a stylish look, adding Dimension is key to blending grey into brown hair color. One of the best ways to add dimension to your hair is through the use of Dimensional Color. Dimensional color is the combination of multiple colors that work together to create a beautiful natural-looking blend.

Demand for dimensional coloring has been steadily increasing, showing no ...

Dimensional color

Foil highlights

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Your brown hair can provide you with an array of stunning and eye-catching looks. If you want to bring out the beauty of your natural brown hair, one of the best techniques to try is Foil Highlights.

This hair styling method is perfect for those who want to blend greys into brown hair to create a more natural look. Moreover, it’s the perfect way to cover up graying roots or balding spots without having to dye your ...

Foil highlights


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Balayage, a French word meaning ‘to sweep’, is a hair coloring technique where the dye is applied by hand. It is one of the leading and most trendiest coloring techniques of recent times and many people are choosing this method to get rid of their grey hair. Balayage adds a certain depth to the entire look and it stands out more with its visible colour gradients.

Balayage has some major differences ...


Ombré color

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Providing various options for blending grey into brown hair, Ombré Hair Color is one of the hottest trends right now, and it’s no wonder why — it’s an eye-catching style that looks flawless yet effortless. Ombré hair combines dark roots with blended lighter ends that create a gradation of color from root to tip. The trendy color looks best with brown hair or ...

Ombré color

Adding subtle highlights to lighter shades of brown adds contrast and texture to the hair. Highlight Melting is a technique favored by many hair salons as it helps to make the highlights look natural and blended. Also referred to as a balayage, this highlights melting technique is a form of soft, gradated hair color.

The technique involves bleaching chunks of hair ...

Highlight melting technique

Final Thought

In conclusion, coloring your brown hair with the perfect balayage of grey shades has never been easier. With the help of these top 8 melt-in-greys, you can now achieve a balanced and stylish look. Whether you want a subtle gray hue or a dramatic ombre, rest assured that there are plenty of colours to choose from. So go ahead and enhance your brown hair with the perfect grey shade that best suits you!

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